Wednesday, July 6, 2011

canning lid givaway

for many years I have canned a lot of food.  when all the kids were home, I used to can over 100 qrts of tomatoes every year, lugs of peachs, pears and nectarines.  made pints and pints of jam and vegetables.  One thing I had always wanted was a reusable canning jar lid. 
there is now such a thing available at 
they sell a plastic and rubber ring lid called a Tattler lid.  The lids are BPA free. And made in the USA!!

and I have found this blog ~ that is giving away some of these lids  Go here to her post for a review of these lids and sign up for her giveaway.


  1. Tattler lids? Imagine...we must find some crafty use for addition to "putting up" yummy foods, of course!

    I'm heading over to take a look...

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway news!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I got that desire to can again. It had been years but I am so sick of what is in our stores anymore. So, I am slowly getting back into canning, starting with supporting our local farmers and growers!

  3. good morning ladies, I agree Isdihara, they have an intriguing name. I will have to wait until my order arrives and see what developes.
    Karrieann, I too got out of the canning drive as all my kids left home, now I want to start again, as you say, it is better food.

  4. Thanks for the info and will try these lids. I just purchased a pkg of lids for $3, so in the long run I will be saving money and much safer...
    Linda in NM

  5. Hi Quayceetatter, thanks for stopping, After I use them, I will post a review

  6. I have a suspicion that these lids and paraphernalia are connected in some arcane way to ovens, stoves, utensils and ingredients about which I know nothing!

    Events connected to these items might possibly take place in a strange land called 'kitchen', a place I visited a couple of times in the distant past.

    While there, I recall wondering if the environment was toxic or if i were having an allergic reaction to an unknown antigen!

    How my children survived all those years in my home is beyond me!
    Fox : ))

  7. Ha Ha Fox, you are hilarious, I have the same reaction to brooms, dusters and vacumns.

    Thanks for stopping Green Girl,


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