Monday, July 18, 2011

another sunday night storm

we had another Sunday evening storm with winds above 60 mph
lost some branches but don't think we had any more trees downed.
had 2+" of rain again too.  I am going to have to put in fence posts to hold up the tomato cages since they keep getting blown over.  but only after the garden dries out enough to walk in it.  it had several inches of water sitting on it last night.

our river is out of it's banks again, and water is up on the roads.

the pictures show the result of last nights storm on the beautiful maple that was in front of our house. 

taken last night right after the storm

taken this morning.  it looks like the tree is split, but the main part of the trunk is intact.


  1. The storms have been terrible this year. I sure am sorry to see your poor tree like that. Here's hoping the weather starts getting better soon.

  2. sunday night storms have been bad.
    the worst is one I remember from 1981, the night before our oldest started kindergarten, (now you know how old i am).
    7" of rain, high winds, so lost some larger branches and so much large hail, that the next morning there were still "snow" drifts of hailstones behind some of the buildings.

  3. This weather is just crazy! We had 4 inches of rain around here, so roads are buckling and some small areas/yards are flooded. No wind like what you had - yuck. We have trees down all over near our cabin from a 4th of July storm. And it's too darned hot and humid to clean up any more than absolutely necessary!

  4. Oh, that is bad. Hope the weather improves soon. That poor maple; hopefully you can cut it back and it can have a second chance. Like some of us!

  5. Aren't these storms something? The WIND. The lightning.
    Glad your house is okay.

  6. I hope the maple tree makes it. It's wild what the wind did to it. We've been in a drought but finally had some rain in the last few days, maybe a little more in the week to come. There have been some storms with the rain but we've been blessed and missed the worst of those.

  7. hi Tattrldy, so far the rest of the tree is o.k. we trimmed up the broken stuff and left the rest. we will see what the winter does to it and how it looks next spring.


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