Friday, July 1, 2011

tatting demonstration at the Quasquicentenial

Some pictures from the 125th celebration in Mantador ND from last weekend.

Mary and Rochelle from the Fergus Falls Minnesota Heritage Lacers group came to help with demonstrating.
Here Mary is working on some trapunto quilting and Rochelle is doing Bobbin Lace.  The empty chair is mine, I was tatting in between running errands and giving tours.  The tatting displays in the bottom right corner of the picture are mine.  They brought a very interesting Bobbin lace board for anyone to try if they wanted to.  It is on the table to the left back. It uses cord wound on large dowels and wooden pins on a pegboard base.  Very clever.
Added:  The Heritage lacers were a last minute addition to my booth.  I was very pleased that they could come.  They both tat, but chose to work on other things.  There were several ladies who had questions about how to do things,  one elderly lady only knew how to do rings and just decorated stationary.  She said she had some books that talked about turning or reversing the work to do chains, but couldn't figure it out all these years, so showed her what the patterns meant by Reverse Work, and how to do a chain.  I gave her a card, so she can contact me if she needs to.  Also the local 4-H group leader stopped and wanted to know if I teach,  I said "YES"  so that may be a winter craft project for the group.  we will see.

A dear friend of mine that I have known since back in junior high, came and showed her hand quilted items and also her knitting.  She had many knitted caps for sale.  you can see some of them on the tables.  She runs the charity Nimble Fingers on the Prairie  that provides knitted caps, sweaters and scarves for low income children in several counties in west central Minnesota.  The facebook page for the charity is here.

I never did get any pictures of me, but I took some of my outfit later.

looks like I should have ironed the apron before taking the picture. 

had a great time despite being so busy with other things. and the town was very busy too.


  1. Looks like a great event with a lot of beautiful handwork and nice, sunny weather. Did you recruit any new lacers? :)

    Your outfit looks great!

  2. Your outfit is lovely, It'd be fun to see you in it! I bet you had a blast at the celebration. I like how the sign says tatting - crocheting but it sounds like you were the only tatter there?

  3. HI Bluebird, and MIchelle, I edited the post to answer your questions.

  4. Anytime I go to an event like that, I'm blown away by the dedication of people like you--in costume, working and teaching and making so much accessible to the rest of us!

  5. Thanks Green Girl,
    it can actually be fun to play dress up. I think I may be doing it at least once if not twice more this year.


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