Saturday, July 16, 2011

of this and that

whew! it is hot and humid here, and will be all week.  it is 10:30 pm and still 82 degrees and 83% humidity.  this is North Dakota for heaven's sake.  it is only supposed to get down to 77 tonight.  we do not have any air conditioning, unless you count numerous fans.

so no tatting, too hot and humid. I have a test tat to do for someone, so hope things improve

You may have seen the post by Fox at Tat-ology .

I never expected anything in return, but look what came in my mailbox today.

The beads on the left are 2 shades of teal, in the center pink and an assortment of blue seed and bugle beads.  on the right is a bag of findings ~ cabone rings, buttons and other interesting stuff.  below that are 2 threads, both Lizbeth with some very pretty coppery beads.

and she sent one of her lovely tatted motifs.  she has such neat stitches. and her choice of colors is just right. 

Thank you Fox.

a couple posts ago, I mentioned that I had ordered some Tattler reusable canning lids.  They came in the mail yesterday.

I knew that reusable canning lids had been available years ago and can't figure out why they are no longer available.

these are modeled on the old ones that I have

here is a scan of both the glass Ball brand and plastic Tattler canning lids.

I have several dozen of the glass lids.

here is a look at a side view of the 2 styles of lids, as you can see, they are very similar except the glass are that much thicker.

This is a look at the differences in the old screw rings for the glass lids and a comparison to the canning rings you can use to can with now.

the old one seems to be made out of zinc and is deeper to accommodate the thickness of the glass.

one of the reasons that I don't use the glass lids, is that I do not have any rubber rings that worked with them, and I only have a very few screw rings.  the Tattler rubber rings will work with the glass lids.  so now I know where to get more rings, but I only have a few of the zinc screw lids.

One more thing I did today.

I went out and picked the wild raspberries.  there are 2 plants out by the grain bins that were started by birds, and they started some plants behind the house too.  the ones behind the house are in the shade, so do not produce as much as the ones by the bins.  we are going to have to look at moving the ones by the bins, they are in the way.  but they do produce a lot of berries.  they are small and purple/black, but oh do they taste good.  Tomorrow, I think I will combine them with sliced nectarines and use them on shortcake.

Hope everyone has good weather and time for lots of tatting the rest of this weekend.


  1. Ooh! A lovely bag of goodies! I can hardly wait to see what you make... once the weather cools off!

    I canned a little bit when we first moved on to the farm, but my husband didn't like the food I canned, so I stopped. I also tried freezing for a while... until the freezer stopped working and we lost everything within two weeks of freezing. I guess I have to be satisfied with store-bought when fresh is out of season. I am a little envious of all your home-canned goodies!

  2. Friday was gorgeous here, only about 75 degrees...but I had to work so I missed most of it. Yesterday was about 85 and a little more humid, and we drove to Lexington (SC) for the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting. It will be a little hotter today, and every day this week. I would just like to know when SC became the new South Florida, because the weather we have these summer days used to be the weather they had!

    Humidity + tatting = :-P (as in, you're right, it can't be done!)

  3. Ugh - it is very hot and humid here too, and will be all week. All my windows were fogged up when I got up, and my glasses fogged up when I stepped outside. Yuk!

    I have been canning a lot of jams this year so far, and would love to try out those reusable canning lids - thanks for the info. I think I will have an abundance of tomatoes to can if this weather keep up :) At least I have A/C!

    Stay cool,

  4. I'm so sorry the weather is so terrible there. We are having the same thing! Hopefully relief will come soon!

  5. I need to check out our wild berry patch--after the thunderstorms pass through.


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