Wednesday, June 1, 2011

instead of tatting

I have been doing something other then tatting for most of my spare time the last few days.  and this is it....
36" of crocheted beading lace,  need 7-8" more
a length of crocheted beading lace for the neckline of the camisole I am making. the thread is size 30 ecru  Daisy brand made by Lily Co., an antique thread from my grandmother.

I am not going to take the time to do the armhole lengths right now.  I want to get the sewing done first then see how much time i  have.  what with working,  several weekends are booked with stuff and the quaquicentenial is at the end of the month.  and sometime in the middle, our 10th grandchild will be born and I will be there to help for a few days.

I have done some work on the hanky edge,  and here it is...
this is just past half way on the one side.  so, this will be a work in progress as it goes.  yes, that is a pop-a-bobbin shuttle i am using.  I like them very much.

I got the rest of the garden in after work today.  yeah! very wet ground, but needed to get in.
6 All Season cabbage
8 White Vienna kohlrabi
2 Black Diamond watermelon
3 Sun Sugar Watermelon
3 Honey Bear squash
3 Carnival squash 5 tomatoes ~ 1 Celebrity, 1 Bush Beefsteak, 1 Early Goliath, 1 Black Krim, 1 Lemon Boy ~ The red tomatoes are for farmguy and canning to use for him during the winter as I am allergic to red tomatoes, but I can eat yellow in moderation.  don't know why, but I get hives in my mouth if I eat fresh red tomatoes.  The yellow don't seem to affect me as badly, so am going to try this and see if I can actually have a BLT.  I haven't had one of those for about 30 years when I gave up trying to eat red tomatoes. 


  1. I'm so sorry you can't eat red tomatoes! I volunteer to eat your share for you and enjoy them thoroughly. (You can eat seafood for me if you want).

    The hanky edging is really wonderful but I can't get over that crocheted edging, it's gorgeous!!!!!

  2. The crochet work looks very pretty! It sure goes much faster than the tatting doesn't it. Funny how what might have seemed delicate in the past (crochet) does not feel that way after tatting. But it does look lovely and you will get through it faster and with much less effort.

    The edging is beautiful. Love the colours you are using.
    fox : )

  3. The crocheted edging looks so perfect! I can't fathom how the lacy crochet is done. I've tried, but the hook is much harder on the hands than a shuttle. It's strange...

    The thread is wonderful on the handkerchief, sweet color combinations like that really make tatting pop. (:

  4. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! I love lace! ...all kinds of lace! Guess what I'll be doing with my summer vacation? Lace!

    Your camisole will be beautiful, and I love the way your hanky edging looks!

  5. Thank you Michelle, LOL farmguy mans up to the task and there are few left over, but thanks for the offer.
    Thanks Michelle, Fox, Anika, and Diane, your comments on the edging are appreciated, as I go, I am getting more comfortable with the design, there are times I want to chuck it and start over.

  6. ...each time I read your blog posts, I feel a kinship toward you for that we live similar lives in far as to when we crochet fine lace. I am also working on period dress.. for the 1830's, also I demonstrate tatting (period tatting, rings only) I am working on my under non-mentionable (heehehee). As far as gardening goes though, I am planning my dream raised beds and getting the supplies ready to have it set up for the soil to be prepared during this coming fall and begin planting next Spring.... Oops, this comment is quickly becoming a novel!

    Anyways.. I meant to say that your crochet lace and the edgings are beautiful!!! and I am envious of your garden!

    Keep on with the crochet, you will be glad that you did!

    P.S. Your Bonnet is on its way!!!
    Can't wait for you to see it!

  7. Thanks Kerrieann,
    I am looking forward to receiving the bonnet. I have no problem with long comments, helps us keep in touch. one of the things i will work on during demonstrating will be a rings only edging.

  8. I've found the same thing about yellow tomaotes! How nice to have a BLT again!

  9. Green Girl, do you have trouble with red ones too? you are only the 2nd person outside of my family who has trouble with red tomatoes. I don't eat ketchup and very seldom to I indulge in something with cooked tomatoes ~ chili or pizza, have to be very careful it is well processed.


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