Friday, June 3, 2011

non tatting post

I wanted to show you what arrived in the mail today from Karrieann Warr.

The bonnet,  silly, not me....

A handmade, (meaning hand sewn), hand quilted Pioneer woman's bonnet.  just what I was looking for so I didn't need to find the time to make one. 

and another pose

and another bonnet view
Karrieann is very talented I think, don't you?


  1. Hey! That looks beautiful on you.
    I just wanted to mention...that if you want the brim a bit more firmer, maybe a bit of starch? I haven't tried that yet.. I have one of my own, not as pretty as yours (mine has modern fabric for I use it when out doing yard work. Also, it is washable in regular wash and in dryer. I have wash and dried it prior to sending it... and I also ironed it, no harm!


    OOH! thank you for your kind words!

  2. you are welcome Karrieann. thanks again

  3. My DH bought one for me at Colombia State Park in Northern CA...we lived IN Colombia before it became a state park. It’s made of gingham and hand made. He bought a matching skirt for me too. We used to go there on our every other anniversary year. LOL And reminisce about when we lived there and could drive down the streets and go to real stores...not just gift shops. I like it that it isn’t stiff... Had a photo of my Grandma Johnson in hers, and it was floppy...she was a pioneer in Iowa....on a section near Honey Creek, IA...good memories

    Love yours Diane....

    xxxx bj

  4. When you say you needed one, what is it for? Is it for part of your costume for the coming summer/fall?

  5. How fun to get such wonderful mail! That is such a special treat to get to use Kiarrieann's gift with your demos. Karen in OR

  6. Thank you BJ and Karen,
    Hi Zarina, thank you for stopping by, yes, it will be part of my costume for the tatting demo the end of the month for the Mantador 125th celebration that I posted about a couple posts back, and also I may have another chance to participate in demonstrating tatting this fall at an event that happens every year that celebrates life as it was lived 100 years or so ago. so dressing like someone who lived in that era is encouraged.

  7. Gee, I don't receive things quite like that in my mail!

    You might wear it around the neighbourhood - see the reaction it gets! You could start a retro kinda look.

    Lovely of Karrieann to be so thoughtful.
    Fox : )

  8. He He Thanks Fox, I already wear old straw hats in the garden, right out in front of our house by 2 roads so any one can see me. Also I occasionally wear a hat to Church. so everyone knows I am eccentric. And I often wear dresses and skirts when I don't have too !!


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