Sunday, May 1, 2011

I really do still know how to tat

I bet some of you are wondering if I still know how to tat.

Live has been very busy for me the past month or so.  But I did finally finish some tatting.

and what did I tat you ask??
A Seahorsedragon by Anne Bruvold and Debbie Arnold

I had started out wanting to tat something for the cover of my Kindle e-book.  I was seeing edgings in my mind, with maybe a freeform flower or 2 framed in the center.  I chose 3 different but coordinating skeins of HDT by Sherry Pence ~ LadyShuttleMaker.  All size 20 labeled, Seaweed, Confetti and Spring Poppies.

As I started the first edging that I chose, it just wouldn't click for me.  and I kept hearing whispers in my head saying "seahorsedragon, seahorsedragon,..."  So I untatted the 6 rings and chains that I had done of the edging (it was HDT after all) and started the seahorsedragon. 

and here she is


  1. Yes, HDTs need to be saved. anyway, that is a beautiful seahorse with those three HDTs combined.

  2. So, so pretty she is, in these soft, pastels! Like a breath of... ahem... Spring!

    Lovely tatting. crumby weather!
    May your crocuses ascend soon.
    Fox : )

  3. I love the Seahorse Dragon pattern, and yours turned out beautifully! Is your Kindle filled with books about seahorses and dragons? ; )

  4. So delicate! Yep, the little voice was right!

  5. And it was snowing here too. sigh.

  6. thank you Zarina, Fox, Bonnie, Diane, and Michelle.
    My Kindle has quite a few books, some of them might have seahorses and dragons, but not all.


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