Wednesday, May 25, 2011

pioneer wear - 1880's

our little local town is celebrating it's 125th birthday the end of June.  how do you say it? Quasquicentenial  that's a mouthful.

we are having 3 days of events. I will be demonstrating tatting along with a friend who will be doing knitting and hand quilting and a group of ladies who call themselves "The Wooley Ladies"  who card and spin yarn and knit.

I will also be heading up the church group running a lunch wagon and helping in the building where I work as we will be open for business and for tours as it is the former elementary school building.  and the all school reunion will be in the garage where the van is peeking out. 

and it looks like I have an invitation to ride horse in the parade.  

can anyone say busy???

I am going to dress in period clothes as i can wear them for several other venues I may be demonstrating tatting.  I have a piece of calico with green leaves and vines, and another in cream with lavender rosebuds that I will be using for my dresses from this pattern
and I also purchase unbleached muslin for the apron and for the underthings
what I don't have is a good sunbonnet pattern.
there are several sunbonnet patterns and tutuorials on the web.  have any of you used any of them?   can you recommend a good one? 

I have been working on the hanky edging.  I may have to set it aside for a bit, as I would like to get some tatting done to put on one of the dresses.


  1. Fun, fun, fun!

    and quasquicenntennial is a great Latinate word!

    We had a gas at Cando's!

  2. You will have to post pictures of you in your prairie outfit! :) I'm excited to see it!!!

  3. I will Jaime, thanks for stopping.

    Stay tuned Michelle, there will be updates as we go


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