Monday, May 2, 2011

goody box in the mail

I want to show you the wonderful goody box I received in the mail today.

Michelle over at Tela Magistrae had a drawing a few days ago.  and I won one of the hankies she was giving away.

I received a hanky and a nice selection of other goodies

a package of Moroccan mint green tea, a Lindor chocolate, a ball of size 70 Lily tatting cotton in yellow/purple variegated, a barrette base, and a little baggy with 4 clear plastic rings and a gold clip.
My goodness, what a wonderful selection.

You have to see the very pretty card that came with the package.

A couple of days ago, I received some thread that I had ordered from Krystle.

I'm thinking that the size 40 Wisteria Lane just might be the right thread for this hanky.  The colors don't seem to look very good here in this photo, I maybe should have scanned the threads instead, but laying the thread on the hanky, you can see that the Wisteria Lane looks pretty good.  It picks up the greens in the leaves and highlights the lighter purple  in the roses. 

I have not yet choosen an edging, will have to pull the pattern stash out and do some digging. 

If any of you have a suggestion as to the edging you would think appropriate, please leave a comment.  Thanks


  1. Oh, how pretty! I can hardly wait to see which edging you choose!

  2. Beautiful hannky - and fun goodies! The thread sounds like it would be perfect - how about the edging "Beauty Spots" in Tatting with Visual Patterns?

  3. I like the Wisteria Lane too. : )

    I'm glad you like the box!

  4. I have that book Bluebird, I will have to look up that pattern.


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