Saturday, May 21, 2011


well, quarter to 8 pm so guess we are still all here.
went shopping with farmguy so got nothing done in the house today. Did get a couple more repeats done on the hanky edging so that was o.k.

 of course the only shopping mall for guys is Fleet Farm  got all the guy stuff, and farming stuff and auto stuff,  what more could you want. 

at least he told me he was going and took me along.  woo hoo  did get some stuff for myself.  a pair of riding boots.  cuz' the gal to the north of us has 2 more horses in her pasture and she has said I can ride one YEA!

I was going to show you the boots I bought, but can't find them online.  a plain jane cowboy boot with heel but no fancy stitching and a rounded toe instead of a pointed one.  too many years barefoot to fit comfortably in a pointy toed shoe.


  1. Haha; yup! I think that's maybe why I can't wear the cute pointy toe shoes and cute heels... I've been barefoot or in flip flops for far too long!! :) Oh well... it's who I am, I think!

  2. If you find such a creature, let me know! I am a barefoot mama who doesn't do pointy toes either!

  3. I wish I could find them online, I would share the link. they were Laredo brand and labeled "riding boots".


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