Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hanky edging and thank you

I spent some time the last couple nights looking through my pattern books and loose pattern sheets and the patterns stored in  my computer for an edging that would work with the hanky Michelle sent.  I set a requirement that I be able to do the edging with only a shuttle, no ball.  I haven't done any single shuttle work for several years, and it is a way to honor my grandmothers who taught me to tat as that is all they knew.

I could have gone for the simple and done rings with thread spaces between,  been there, done that, but that isn't what I was aiming for.

I could also have done Hen & Chicks, and still could, but that really didn't catch my fancy either.

I did take a good look at Beauty Spots by Mary Konior in her book Tatting with Visual Patterns  suggested by Happy Bluebird in her comment to my previous post.  I decided to give it a try .....
I did 2 repeats tonight to see how it looks.  I would have done more, but had to run into to town for the monthly fire dept meeting.

I didn't want a big elaborate edging as I felt it would detract from the hanky.  The thread is size 40 in Krystle's HDT called Wisteria Lane

let me know what you think.

The weather has finally decided to warm up a bit and to dry up a little so farmguy has been able to get in the field the past several days.  The wheat is planted and he is starting on the corn.

Oh and Michelle,  I have tea everyday at work instead of coffee, and while today is wednesday not tuesday, I had your very delicious Moroccan Mint tea today.  YUM!


  1. I think the edging would be fine. But for the choice of colors of the thread, on its own the HDT is beautiful. For this particular instance, I would stick to a one color (pastel?) that would not deter the hanky itself.

  2. This is PERFECT! I love the thread and that pattern is just the one for this hankie. Great choices on both counts.

    Someone else is tatting this very edging right now - I can't remember but I know I just commented on a blog about it as I like the pattern, have the book and have never tried it. It sure is lovely.

    Am very eager to see this hankie finished.
    Fox : )

  3. I LOVE that edging even more now - just the 2 repeats look great. The Wisteria Lane thread looks like just the perfect colors to me too.

    I look forward to seeing your progress on the hanky!

  4. I love the thread (matches the hankie perfectly - beautiful) and the pattern, beauty spots will be very pretty on that.


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