Wednesday, April 6, 2011

trip days 6,7 & 8

on Tuesday, we went back to Fort Worth to see the cattle drive at the Stockyards and the Cowboy hall of fame.

it was a rainy day.  The cowboys & Girls were wearing their slickers

Here is what a look at a cattle drive with Long Horns,  if you have read any westerns or heard about Long Horn cattle, notice the length of the horns on these.

you can see in the picture above, that the streets in the stockyard area of Fort Worth are brick.

we stopped in the Visitor Center and looked map on the wall
yea, that is me, with the cowboy hat~had to get one he he

my daughter Sarah and my friend and travel companion Barb

we ate at a Riscky's BBQ,  very good food, where they had the Cowboy Commandments posted

Wednesday and Thursday we drove home.

The End

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