Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip Day 5 Dinosaurs and Wildlife

so, on Tuesday, we decided to make a trip to a little town about an hours drive, Glen Rose.  But first before we left town, I had to take a picture of this really cool house right in the middle of town

Yup, that is a windmill and water tower in their back yard.
There are a lot of really interesting houses in Cleburne Texas.
we made our first stop at the Dinosaur Park, where there is a walking trail with a lot of different kinds of Dinosaurs and plaques explaining about each kind.  I filled the memory card in my camera, and the replacement was back at my daughter's so I don't have pictures of all of the kinds of Dinosaurs but will post a few here.

 A water scene that includes several varieties of dinosaurs and there are also Koi fish in the water.
after were were finished with the Dinosaurs we had enough time left to go to the Fossil Rim Wildlife park.
this is safari park where you can drive around and look at the animals in a more natural setting and even get to feed them.

we were greeted by an Ostrich

 toward the end of the trip which took about 2 hours, we saw this egg along side the road.

notice the really cool twisty horns

there were a lot of different types of deer and antelope from several different continents.  

and Zebras

while we were told we could feed the animals, we were warned that we should not feed the Zebras out of our hands as they can bite.  Barb has pictures on her camera of the Zebra's that wanted to get their heads in the car to check for food, and made a mess of the windows.

the really neatest part of the trip was the Giraffes
yup, that is me feed pellets to the Giraffe,  their lips are so soft.

After I stopped feeding him/her on my side, he/she went around to the other side and both Barb and Sarah had a chance to feed him/her

it was a very good day.  God made so many wonderful animals and gave us the chance to interact with them.  What a blessing.

Come back tomorrow for the last chapter

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  1. Sweet mom!! thats an awesome trip! we at the hoffman home are very jealous of you safari & dinosaur trip!! makes me want to save even more to make the trip down!!! I can't beleive you got to see so many things. but when you are a tourist you do get to see a lot!
    Glad your trip was great! Can't wait to see all the pics at easter!


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