Sunday, April 3, 2011

trip days 1,2&3

I am going to start with a bit now and then of my trip.

If you have read my previous posts, you know that Barb and my trip was held up a day due to a rain/ice/snow storm.

We finally got on the road thursday morning. we had some icky roads for the first 100 miles or so, but after that it got better.

we made pretty good time and stayed the night in Salina KS.
on the second day ~ friday ~ as we got near the southern end of Oklahoma, we encountered the Arbuckle Mountains.  for those you read westerns, you might recall Arbuckle coffee?  don't know if there is a connection or not, but here is a picture of the road going through the mountains.

we got to our destination before supper.

Saturday we went to downtown Cleburne for a bit of shopping and sight seeing.
there was a mural on the side of a building with some interesting information about the town.  please note that the wall this is painted on is not brick, it is flat concrete,  the bricks have been painted on the wall

this window is actually painted as well
there was another full wall to the right.
In the afternoon, we went out to a park where they had a celebration for the namesake of the town, Gen Pat Cleburne.  Who never actually lived in the town, but several of the soldiers who served under him founded the town.  anyway, we got to see some civil war reinactment and listen to a gentleman in a Scots kilt and  speaking with a brogue tell stories.  and did some buying of stuff.

we also did a drive by of a memorial to the Chisholm Trail

there was about 1/4 mile of these cow and cowboy cutouts.
we also made it to Mass.
all in all a really nice day.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next chapter.


  1. Ah, we lived near Salina when I was 5. Right along the river; had a horrid flood and drove to Marquette to escape. What I remember is the snapping turtles and water moccasins; scary for a little girl. That is also where I decided to be a tramp and had a bindlestiff and walked down the railroad for about 2 miles. (yes, the found me) all dressed in my wooly (real) chaps, cow girl hat, vest and six gun. Yah hoo! I’m enjoying your travels. bev

  2. In from Minnesota and have never heard of the Arbuckle Mountains! Now, I've heard of Fatty Arbuckle -- and HE was a bit of a mountain! -- but I just love this. Turns out you DO learn something every day!



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