Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1

While tatters the world over, tat every day or as often as they can, we use this day to celebrate our art.
The rules for the day are as follows.
1. Tat something for yourself
2. Eat something chocolate, carefully so you don't get it on your tatting
3. If possible, Tat  in public, so others can see you, be intrigued, and ask to learn.

there is conflicting information depending on where on the web you check as to the length of time this day of observance has been in existence.

On another note,
it is the first day of April.  the temperature is 36 F and so since farmguy doesn't like his clothes dried in the dryer,  TA DA
the snow refused to get out of the picture
have a great day


  1. Happy Tatting Day! So far I've eaten chocolate and shared my tatting. Now I just need to get home and make something for ME.

    You picture caption made me chuckle out loud :)

  2. Happy Tatting Day! :)
    Love to learn how, but ... I think my arthritis would get in the way. :( Sometimes I have a hard time holding a pen these days...

  3. thanks Bluebird.
    Hey Jaime, I didn't realize that you had arthritis. sorry to hear.

  4. Ladytats... I feel for you and many of our Northern friends.

    I pray that soon you'll have the evidence of Spring soon!



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