Wednesday, November 30, 2011

some pics from my trip

I had a really great time on my trip.  in fact some of it was overload.
we had a guided walking tour of downtown Charleston which was very interesting.  we happened to be the only ones in that particular group so a 2 hour tour turned into a 3 hour tour with lots of information.  here are a couple of pictures from the tour
Rainbow Row

good example of what is called a "single house"

They built houses only 1 room deep so the breezes could blow through better to keep the houses cooler. This house is now a business.

we also spent some time walking through the blocks long open air market they have in downtown Charleston.  I bought some sweetgrass trivets.  I love the sweetgrass baskets that many of the artisans make, but can't afford the prices.  I understand their need to price their work, but my pockets just aren't that deep.  

On Saturday I bummed a ride from Theresa to the Palmetto Tatters monthly meeting.  We had a great time on the ride, it is about 1.5 hrs between Goose Creek and the Lexington county Museum where the group meets. we had no difficulty finding things to talk about.  I have yet to meet a Tatter that isn't an instant friend. Thanks Theresa for the ride and conversation.
This is the snowflake using the Lock Chain technique that was taught at the meeting.

not the greatest example of tension but, I had a lot of fun talking and sharing.

Thanksgiving evening, we made a trip to a park on James Island to the Festival of Lights.

******my computer shut off on me last night.  I was able to grab these from my online picture album, so am going to post this much this morning while at work.  The rest of the stuff and the tatting I wanted to show, will have to wait until after work tonight.


  1. I have fond memories of our visit to Charleston 24 years ago (seems like yesterday)! I loved the architecture and the warm weather in December!

    How wonderful to have personal escorts and a warm welcome at the meeting of the famous Palmetto tatters! I wouldn't have been able to tat ANYTHING! I would have been overwhelmed just to be there!

    Wonderful photos (including the lovely blue sky) and narrative! And those who design 'light festivals' are SO creative! This is a marvelous example!

  2. Great pics Mom. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  3. I love Charleston and we try to go at least twice a year.....spring and Nov. to see the James Island lights.....we are lucky in that we live only about 2 1/2 hours nephew is a tour guide for the "big red barn" ask for "jeremy" He is both a history major and has a degree in historic perservation.


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