Thursday, December 1, 2011

tatting from the trip and what dragon species is this?

Well, I had a lot of wonderful lazy time, sitting in the sun, and tatting.
I got some of my Christmas presents finished,  and here is a sneak peak. but a peak is all you get 'cuz some of the recipients read this blog on occasion

but, since I only took 9 wound bobbins, and not whole balls of thread, I ran out.
Oh the horror!!

so I had to go hunting for thread.  I found almost nothing, amazing but true.
I did find a few balls of  white and ecru DMC Cebelia at a Hancocks Fabric store so picked up a ball of size 30 in white.  Then stopped at a Micheal's store and found a few colors of DMC perle cotton, so picked up a ball of white and a ball of red in size 8.

and these are the result of that excursion

Jon's Merriment Doily  done in perle cotton

Anne Bruvold Minor Norwegian Dragon  threads are Manuela gold size 20 and Cebelia white size 30
The dragon taxed my tatting abilities a bit as I hadn't done all that many SSSRs, so I am not completely pleased with the tail but not bad, and I got better with the practice.  I have trouble when closing the SSSR of pulling the loop thread so tight that a space opens up between that SSSR and the one previous to it. I did figure out one trick,  when you have finished the first half of the SSSR, and lay the shuttle over your hand to pull the loop out to tat the 2nd half,  put the shuttle through the SSSR and then over your hand, that way, the shuttle thread come out on the back of your SSSR.  for me that made it easier to get the next ring snugged down very close.  I figured that out about 5 rings in, you can see the rest of the SSSRs are closer together then the ones at the beginning of the tail.
   I also decided that I wanted the wings to look a certain way, white gossamer membranes between gold "bones".  The pattern calls for split rings, well, I didn't want half and half split rings, so I needed to use a SSSR and had to stack my shuttles to tat the first half of the SSSR so I could carry the white in the core.

I am rather proud of how it turned out.  I was able to see a vision of what I wanted and was able to make it work.

now of course, he/she needs a name and a classification,  it is not a Midnight Dragon, or a Midday Dragon, or a Snow, or a Water, or a Berry or a Green Leaf.  Does anyone recognize this species? 

one name that has been proposed is Humphrey,  does this look like a Humphrey?

All suggestions will be seriously  considered. 

Good night all, happy tatting tomorrow


  1. It's wings remind me of sunlight hitting the dew on a spider's web in the early morning...perhaps it is a morning dew dragon?

  2. Dawn Flyer and she is beautiful

  3. Wow- I love how you did the wings with the "bones" I don't like the half and half rings either but never figured out a different way to do it. Thanks for the How to with the SSSRs too. That's been my biggest complaint about them- that I couldn't snug up the rings but now thanks to you, I'm back to it!

  4. in light of Anne McCaffery's passing, it could be a Pernese Gold... but if you wanted to stick to Earth, it could be a Sunburst Gold...

  5. Beautiful. I never finished this pattern when I tried to tat it. Yours looks so good, maybe I'll give it another go.

  6. I looked at your dragon and immediately thought of Butterscotch - so maybe it's Butterscotch the Dragon?

  7. Looks like a cousin to Toothless, The Sprout's hatchling Gold dragon. Related to the Water dragons, this category is born in or very near sources of mineral ore.

    I second Dani, the Geek's excellent suggestion: Pernese Gold

    As for name suggestion(s), how about Citry (from Citrine), Draco or Echo?


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