Saturday, December 10, 2011

Look what the mailwoman brought

the mailman came to my door today which meant lucky me, I didn't have to walk a 1/4 mile to the mailbox in this chilly windy weather. 

Yeah! but she brought me a package from the U.K. oh boy, was I excited.
remember this post from Sally at Tat's Heaven?   The black walnut is from my parents back yard. there are several huge black walnut trees in their yard.  they had some branches that had needed to be trimmed a few years back, and they were well seasoned.  Sally husband "I'm in the garage" does wood work and so I sent him some, as American Black Walnut is not native to the UK

here is a look at what was in the package
look at the pretty box.  it is a present all by itself.  the stars and reindeer confetti fit the season and then there were 3 shuttles in the box.  When Sally asked for my address, I was thinking 1 shuttle, but 3.  Wow.  Christmas came early this year. 

the 2 darker shuttles are the Black Walnut and the lighter color one is Apple wood from Sally's father's garden.  Thank you Sally and give my thanks to "I'm in the garage" too. These will be cherished.

would you like to see a close up of the shuttles?

Here in the SE corner of North Dakota for the past 10 - 15 years a group of 40+ men and women of mostly middle age get together each year starting in the end of Sept/beginning of October and practice a Christmas Cantata.  The folks come from an area about 70 miles from end to end.  We practice each monday at a location in about the middle. then perform 4 times.  Tonight was our 3rd performance, and tomorrow will be the last for this year. 

this years Cantata is  Night of the Father's Love by Pepper Choplin.   we also sing several well known Chrismas Carols with the audience's participation and always end with Handel's Hallelujah Chorus.   our accompaniment is a single piano played by an amazing pianist who in the daytime is the local physicians assistant.  The Director is the manager for the local senior living center. 
The local handbell choir performs before us and also accompanies us and the audience during the Christmas carol sing along parts.


  1. So pleased you like the shuttles, do you know that with the plastic covers over the hooks they remind me of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer!

  2. It pleases me that you sing in a Christmas cantata!

  3. Thanks Ladies,
    it pleases me too to sing.
    Sally, I really like the hook on the new style shuttle.


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