Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas tatting

While I can't show you exactly what I am tatting as many of the recipients read this blog, I can show you a bit about what I am doing.

all threads are size 20,
colors and manufacture are... starting from the top,

Lizabeth Vineyard Harvest
Manuela  Gold
Lizabeth Denim
Flora Blue & White varigated
Manuela(?)  (old no label)
Lizabeth Autumn apple Pie
Lizabeth Fruit Fizz
Lizabeth Pink Cocoa
Manuela   (no label)
Lizabeth Ocean Sunset
Lizabeth Juicy Watermelon
Manuela (no label)

The tatting is a pattern that is available in the book Tatting by Tatsy and you see about 1/3 of what I am making, that is all I will say about that for now.

The shuttle is a Pop-a-Bobbin ~ I love them. they are really great, if you have a chance to get one from Jane Eborall's etsy shop, please do so.  you can keep track of when they are for sale be reading either her blog, or her sister Sally's blog as it is actually Sally's dh  "I'm in the garage" who makes them.

I picked up the little bells at the Nordic Needle in Fargo ND

whatever I am making, I will need to make about 2 doz.

on the home front, we have gotten 2 of the 3 deer we have licenses for so far this fall.
I bbqed the ribs from the doe on friday and half the ribs from the buck on saturday, and on sunday stripped the meat off the bones and this is the result, 5 quarts of meat canned. (on the right below)

The jars on the left are the last of the tomatoes, yellow, red and black krim, so they are multi-hued.
The neighbor brought over his ribs tonight, they are soaking in the cooler with the rest of ours, and will be bbqed tomorrow night.

If you remember, I have blogged previously about the Tattler Reusable canning lids, I have used them for most of my canning this year, both water bath and pressure canner.  So far so good, I have only opened 1 jar of peaches, and they were great.  I didn't have any more failures then I have had with the metal lids, but I have a large supply of the metal lids so have been using them as well.  If you are interested, I would recommend the Tattler lids. They work just as well and in the long run are cheaper then the metal lids.  The only thing I would like, is to be able to buy some of the rings occasionally without having to buy the metal lids with them.  I reuse my rings many times, as you can see, I remove them from the jars for storage, but over time they do rust. 

well, time for bed, it is after midnight.
have a great day tomorrow, whatever you have to do, and hopefully there is some time for tatting.


  1. Congrats on the deer! You've been wicked busy. Wow. D and T will hunt in 2 weeks and I do hope they get one.

  2. My goodness you have been busy! Look forward to seeing what you are tatting, and thanks for mentioning the shuttles - he is in the garage at this very moment!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ladies,
    I enjoy hearing from you.

  4. Wow - all those threads! Lots of tatting ahead! And I also love the Pop A Bobbin, especially the latest model with the crochet hook!

    I admire your 'homesteading' skills!
    For sure you lost me at the stripping of the meat! I'm kind of a 'city girl' (actually suburbia) and can't quite imagine hunting or even canning! I depend on grocery stores for our food supplies (including pre-cooked chickens!) and I do what I can to get out of the kitchen asap!!! Lots of microwaving, steaming, and pressure cooking, but no gardening, canning - or even baking!

    I find it ironic that the lids are called "Tattler"!!

  5. he he Kathy,
    if you ever picked the meat off the bones of your pre-cooked chicken, then you were "stripping the meat off the bones". just means to get all the good stuff, and leave the rest - bones, gristle, fat, tendons... and anything else you wouldn't want to eat.

    I too find the name of the lids ironic


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