Wednesday, November 16, 2011

information only, no pictures

I have been doing some tatting for Georgia Seitz ~ samples for the Emmy Liebert project.   but no pictures to show you.

just an update,  I will be leaving tomorrow for Charleston SC area.   woo hoo!!

and a really fun time will be had with the Palmetto tatters monthly meeting.  I have never been able to attend their annual seminars, but I will be able to attend this month's meeting.  They are so generous to allow me to "crash" their get-together.  My shuttles are wound and I am ready to go.

so.  All of you have fun,  I will not be back home until the end of the month. I am taking much tatting thread with me so I can work on my Christmas Tatting.    

See you in December after I get back from my trip. 


  1. You're definitely getting around these days! Have a great trip and a fun tatting session with the Palmetto group! Charleston is a beautiful area!

  2. Busy life! When you get back the American walnut shuttles will be finished. Have a great time

  3. Have a terrific time in Charleston - it's a great city. And the Palmetto gals are the best. Make the trip to Tat Days next year!

  4. Thanks Ladies,
    I would love to Crazy Mom, but the weekend before ~ Labor Day, I will be spending Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon demonstrating tatting at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion. to get home from that monday night, catch up at work, and leave on thurs to get to the Tat Days. I don't think farmguy would be too happy. I'd be to tired to enjoy it I think. maybe in 2013? depending on the dates.

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