Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks Veterans

I'm at work, so sneaking the time to post this.

I tatted this last night while watching the pressure canner as it canned the stew meat from the 2 deer.  got 5 qrts.

Looking for some feedback on a set of earrings.

point to point this is 1"
 The scan isn't the greatest, it is off white with pearl beads and of course the background on the scanner is white, so had to lay my sweater over it. Also the bead in the center caused the blurring in the center as it raised the tatting above the bed.

The thread is antique Clark's big ball Size 50 and the beads are Mill Hill Antique glass in a pearl finish. The bead in the center is a bicone.

The pattern is Elizabeth Zipay's Tiny Tatted Snowflakes that I bought in her Etsy shop.

The thread is a 3 cord, and I think it is too flimsy. Also for a size 50 it seems to tat closer to a size 70-80, which I am going to try next as it might be crisper and hold it's shape better.  Obviously my technique leaves a bit to be desired, the rings and chains are not as close together as they should be.

what do you think?  leave out the center clear glass bicone?  (I don't have any bigger pearls in the off white color.)      Use picots and  less beads on the points? 

thanks for any ideas you can give me.


  1. Usually I do not like all those beads, but this is really pretty.
    My opinion? I would leave out the centre or have it in clear crystal...
    Fox : )

  2. Oooo.. I love it!! Earrings would be gorgeous too!

  3. Asthetically, I think it's perfect as it is. The only thing is, if it's an earring you'll need to include a way to attach one of the points to the ear wire. What I would do is on that one point, put only 2 beads on the picot instead of 3, and place a jump ring between them. Depending on the type of ear wire you use, you may need to put a second jump ring on the first in order to make it hang facing the front. Continue putting 3 beads on all the other points.

  4. Miranda, you have picked up on one of the things I was having trouble with, how to attach to a finding. Thanks for the advice.
    Fox, I too don't usually use so many beads, but this just seemed to need them.
    Thanks Tattabugg

  5. I think this is quite pretty. I might be tempted to replace the bicone with a crystal dangle instead, as that would allow more movement and a bit of glitter.


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