Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some tatting to share ~ updated

I have some tatting to share
the first is a pair of earrings that I made. based on a pair that I received many years ago in an exchange.  I no longer remember who I received the originals from.  They were made in size 80 thread with very small beads.  I love them and wear them quite often.
these are made with size 40 thread so that I could use some small pearls that I had on hand.  Size 80 thread would have been too small.  The thread is DMC Cordennet Special.  I tatted these this past Sunday evening.
they measure just over 1" long as they are now
I still have much to learn about taking pictures with my new camera.  the focus still isn't what I would like for close up .

the second bit of tatting that I want to show you I finished Sunday afternoon during the Vikings/Carolina game. (Yeah Vikings!)
The thread is Marilee Rockley's Green & Gold HDT in size 40.  The pattern is Tatted Winter Star by Susanne Schwenke.  The pattern is available at Interweave.  This is of course in the colors of the Green Bay Packers football team as it is going to my best friend B who grew up in WI and roots for them.

I tatted this without doing a cut and tie.  I used a Split Chain and Split Ring to move from the 1st round to the 2nd round.  If anyone needs help with that, please let me know, and I can give you the directions.

you should have heard us the week before. we were at her house, she was yelling at the Packers and I was yelling at the Vikings.  One of her grandkids was there and exclaimed.  "This house is too noisy, it hurts my ears."  we had to laugh.

I have more tatting that I have been working on, but they are Christmas presents, and I know that some of the intended recipients occasionally read this blog, so can't show you what I am working on at this time.


  1. Green & Gold! Go Pack Go!!! Love that Packer's snowflake! Your friend "B" is one lucky gal. (We lived in Menominee, MI and had to drive north to Escanaba, MI to see the first 2 Super Bowl Games as they were blacked out on TV because we were only 60 miles from Green Bay.) Tickets were mpossible to come by.

  2. if your camera has a macro setting use that, it takes great close ups

  3. The Packers snowflake is lovely but those earrings are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  4. That is a very pretty pair of tatted earrings. I love the star doily too, tatted in this lovely HDT. Thank you for sharing the pattern link.

  5. I like the earrings, but the star in that thread is beautiful, must try the pattern, only two rounds, hate too much end tying.

  6. That thread is beautiful and the pattern has become one of my favourite stars. Very nice.
    Fox : )


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