Thursday, September 1, 2011

picture of a finished project

in my last post, I mentioned that I had finished a test tat for Martha Ess, she is putting together a new book, Playing with Picots .

I was honored that she chose me to test tat 2 of her new patterns,  the first was a bookmark,
I took this before adding the tail, it worked up fast and easy.  Martha does very good directions.  the thread is size 20 Manuela, but I don't have the color numbers.

the second pattern she asked me to test for her is shown in this post, and  is called Elgiva in honor of Elgiva Nicholls and her graduated picots.

and here is my test tat of her pattern.
I didn't have any size 20 in red, so decided to play up the flower motif in the center by using different colors .  this isn't blocked, simply finger pressed.  Martha's patterns are so well written, they need very little blocking despite being very lacy.
I used a black background because I think the colors show better.


  1. I love picots, especially the fancy picot stitch, so graduated picots are also of interest. I love the patterns, and you've tatted them beautifully. I really like the thread choice in the bookmark.

  2. I love the undulating pattern of that bookmark! It would make a gorgeous edging too.

  3. Both are stunning designs indeed!

    And lovely colour choices and execution too :-)

  4. When will the book be available? I love the first one especially. Nicely done!

  5. Thanks Ladies,
    Michelle, you will need to find out that information directly from Martha, watch her blog for the information, the link is in the post.

  6. Gina and I must be synapsing (is that a word?)on the same wavelength, because my first thought RE: the bookmark was "Can't wait to make one of those bookmarks...what a great edging that would make!"

    Color me green with envy that you got to test tat these two marvelous patterns!

    The bookmark and Elgiva are officially on my must-tat list, after I get my hands on a copy of the new pattern book!


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