Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a finished project (or 2)

I have finished 2 tatting projects in the past 2 days.
one is the test tat for Martha Ess, her new book will be ready in the not too distant future.

the other project in my traveling one,  I always have something to work on in my purse or car so I don't have to sit around twiddling my thumbs.  I am not exactly a patient person.
There is no pattern for this,  I started out trying to do a 1 round snowflake.  Since it was a traveling project, I wanted a very easy stitch count, so there are 5 ds between all picots on the rings and the chains.  I don't have the pattern written up, don't know if I will unless asked, as it looks similar to other motifs that are out there I think.
As you can see, it has 7 arms not 6, so it is not an actual snowflake.  I tried, but 6 just wouldn't lay flat, and I didn't want to have to block it .  The thread is Flora size 20 in color 239.

I am trying to get all the canning caught up.  We just put 500 lbs of beef in the freezer, so there is no more room there, so anything from the garden as to be canned.  I did 14 qrts of dill pickles tonight, and there is an 18 qrt roaster full of apples cooking in the kitchen right now.  there is at least another roaster full of apples still in the bag.  I will make apple butter with what is in cooking now, and apple sauce with the 2nd batch.  I can't leave it for this weekend, as I will be away (see previous post). 

I have been using the Tattler reusable canning lids, and so far so good.


  1. Very pretty! If I had enough extra brain power, I'd try and figure out a stitch count to make it a true snowflake. However, with the start of school, I'm finding that a barely have enough brain power to keep up with the kids! I wonder if that means I'm getting older? : )

  2. pretty motif!

    500lbs of beef, 14 qts of dill pickles, 18 qts of apples- whew- sit down! I'm exhausted!

  3. It looks pretty with the 7 points! More like a small doily that way.

  4. I didn't even notice that there are seven points! Looks cool to me!

    Back in 1990 I proudly put a photo of my first tatted snowflake on a Christmas card, and didn't realize until years later that real snowflakes have only six points! I had 8 points on mine, and it was from a pattern that DID have six, but obviously I did something wrong as it wouldn't lie flat without EIGHT points! I claim 'artistic license'!!!

  5. Thank you ladies,
    I suspect that with some thought I could reduce the center rings so there would be only 6 arms, but you don't notice that there are 7 right away, so may just leave it. It is an easy motif to do since there all stitch counts are the same, just different placements of picots.


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