Sunday, August 14, 2011

displaying my tatting

in answer to a question on Fox's Tatology blog,
here is what I use to display my tatting, well not all of it, but some of it,

several years ago, while at my local thrift shop, I came across a big old picture frame, the opening is about 20X25" and the frame is several inches wide.  there was no picture or glass in it, just the frame.  I got it for $3.00
I didn't take a picture of the back, but here is what I did.

I used a large piece of heavy denim, placed a layer of cotton batting from an old quilt over the top, then covered it with a remnant of black velvet left over from a daughter's prom dress. once I was satisfied with how it all looked, I turned it over and stapled the layers of fabric to the back of the frame. 

there is no glass covering it, and because of the layers of fabric and batting, I can place straight pins anywhere I want and they stay in place. I take this with me when I demonstrate, or hang it on the wall and change out the motifs when ever I feel like. 

please do not look too critically at the tatting on the frame in the picture, they aren't all pinned out correctly, I just stuck some of them on to keep them out of the way.

I do give away a lot, and many of my projects are spoken for before they are even started.  I have a list of "booked" projects I need to get at once I have finished testing a pattern for Martha Ess.  it is about 1/3 done right now.

I also have the hanky edging to finish, as that is about 1/4 done, and I have a travel project that goes in the car, that will be done with the circle is finished.  it is a made up pattern, very simple so I don't have to pay too much attention,  it started out as a star with 5 points, but may end up with 7 or 8 depending on how it lays.

the booked projects are: a set of earrings, a rosary, a 12" tall white christmas tree, 12 christmas ornaments for family, a set or 2 of tatted wire earrings, I would like a set of earrings for me too. 

looking at the list, I need to get my little fingers busy


  1. Great idea with the frame. I have a few of those laying around. I'd probably back it with foam core board and put the batting and fabric on top of that.

    Yessirreee....sounds like you're gonna be busy through the end of the year!

  2. Hi Gina,
    yes,you idea would work very well, I just didn't have that available when I made this.

  3. Great way to display your tatting - I like how you can change it around whenever you want to.

    I thought I had a "to-do" list - you have a lot to accomplish!

  4. I have occasionally thought about sprucing up the frame, but never seem to do anything about it. Lazy me.

  5. I like that. It's a good way to show off the variety of things you can make.

  6. Clever idea for "showing off" your tatting. Easy to change things since there is no glass covering your work.

  7. That's a wonderful way to display your tatting! I wonder if I have any deep blue velvet lying around? : )

  8. Clever! Like what I do with The Lamp! I like it.

    And - is that a wee Abigail in the frame? I am honoured if it is!

    SOunds as if you have just about the right amount to keep those talented fingers busy and oput of mischief...

    Fox : )

  9. I goofed! It is not Abigail; I design so little I do not even recognize my own stuff!
    Fox : 0

  10. fox, where did your comments go??

  11. whew!!! found them.
    no, that white motif on the right, is my Meandering Path. I have your Abigail in my table, just not up at this time.

  12. I crave old picture frames in the worst way--they are so versatile!


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