Wednesday, August 10, 2011

next day update on lids

This morning the jars of peaches were cooled and I checked the seals.   of the new reusable lids, out of 18 lids 3 did not seal, but I do not consider that all bad, as it is a new product to me, and uses a bit of new technique, mainly backing off the ring 1/4" and then tightening the rings coming out of the canner.

So, I rinsed the lids, rubber rings, and screw bands put them back on the jars, set them in a new canner of barely water, turned on the burner and slowly brought the whole thing to a boil, let it boil for 30 min and then took the jars out, tightened the screw bands and let them set while I went to work.

this evening 2 of the jars were sealed, the 3rd went into the fridge to eat.

now, I used old miracle whip jars, not regular canning jars so that might have something to do with the # of non sealers. Also, after you first put the lids and bands on, you snug the band down, then hold the center of the lid with your index finger, and back the screw band off 1/4" .  I am pretty sure that there were some of the lids that I backed off more then 1/4".  so I am not too unhappy with the lids yet.

this morning I squeezed out the juice from the cooked peach skins that I had left draining overnight in cheesecloth and got about 4 C of juice. put that in the fridge until I got off work this afternoon.  Then I put the peach juice in a pot, added the less then 1 cup of syrup left from canning the peaches yesterday and also added 4 C of apple juice to make up for the missing peach juice and the recipe for Peach Honey in called for 8 C of juice.  brought the juices to a boil and added 4C of sugar.  continued to cook the mix down until the thermometer read 225 F  and ended up with 6 half pint jars of peach/apple honey.  I had thrown in a half of a cinnamon stick for about 15 min during the cooking to give a bit of added flavor but didn't want too much or it would overwhelm the light peach and apple flavors. 

tomorrow morning I will check the little jars to see if they sealed, as I used the reusable regular size lids on them.

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