Monday, August 22, 2011

Tatting Poll Added

I have added a poll on the right side of my blog, it will be active until September 10th at midnight.
you may chose 1 or more answers.


  1. I just tried the poll - checked 3 answers - it's telling me "cannot process request."


  2. Isn't that an interesting poll! I never really thought about why I tat. I think my answer is more about being able to create something (and finish it). Teaching can have such a moving finish line, if that makes sense, it's nice to see things I can make and hold them in my hand(s).

  3. Hi Sharren, I don't know why it would say that, I will check it out.

    Michelle, that is an interesting answer, I am not sure how I would word it to add it to the poll

  4. Sharren, I took a look, but it should be working, please try again.
    Michelle, it won't let me add a question since there has already been votes.


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