Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pattern posted

Yeah, Keep and Share came to the rescue,
of course if I would just read the directions, things wouldn't be so complicated.  the log in on the site clearly says "account name"  so of course, i used my email address.  sheesh!!!!!

Any way,  the Daisy & Butterfly Bookmark pattern is available in pdf form through the Patterns tab at the top of this page.  All of my patterns will soon be moved there, and my patterns blog will be discontinued.

I forgot to take a picture of this before sending it to Fox, so she kindly allowed me to borrow the picture she took..


  1. Lovely bookmark - thanks for sharing your patterns :)

  2. You are very generous in sharing your patterns, and I'm hoping to do the same.

    You are so kind to ask about my 2009 bell pattern! I keep making promises about my patterns and, embarrassingly, I have not followed through so far; in fact, I had forgotten about writing that bell pattern, so thanks for the reminder! Now that cooler weather is here, I'm hoping to concentrate more on tatting and blogging!

  3. I love Keep and Share! It's made it so easy to share my patterns. There was a learning curve in figuring it out but I can add or delete them now easily. So when I update them with diagrams...did I say that out loud?....I'll just replace the original and still have an easy link there.

  4. Hi Gina, I too like Keep and Share, I have used them for a couple years now, and we use them at work too.


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