Thursday, October 6, 2011

just a taste

I have been gone for most of the past week.

Here is what I did, drove 360 miles to St Paul Minnesota
flew 705 miles to Denver, then another 800 miles to San Antonio Texas.
from there we drove 450 miles to Big Bend Nat Park in west Texas.
and then we did it all in reverse to get home. 
we were only in the park for 1 day and 2 nights.
one of our daughters got married there.
here is a small taste of the gorgeous scenery that we did get to see

Sunset through  the Window
the gap in the mountains above is called the Window.  they were married in the morning in front of the Window as the sun came up over the mountains to the east.  we celebrated their wedding supper as the sun went down behind the Window. 
there are more, but this is all for now.
I did some tatting on the drive to St Paul and on the first flights, but didn't do much after that, too little sleep with all the traveling. 
now it is catch up time, at home, work and all my tatting friend's blogs.
take care.


  1. What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

  2. I had to read this twice to fully comprehend it (even looked at a map), and was exhausted both times! The plane trips may have been okay, but the driving - wow!

    First, Congratulations to the newlyweds!

    Second, I'm curious as to the hour of the gorgeous sunrise! Sounds kind of early!

    It would probably take me 2 weeks to recover from all that traveling and excitement!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    the sunrise over the mountains was about 9:15 am as it came up, it put them and the judge in sunlight. great effect.

  4. You must be wiped out after all those miles.

  5. Beautiful! What an amazing way to begin a marriage.
    Congrats to you all.
    Fox : )

  6. Did you wave as you went past my house? : )

  7. I was tired Green Girl, still am in fact.
    Michelle, I didn't wave as I didn't know your direction, but I did think of you and wish that I had the time to get together.
    Yes, Gina and Fox, it was a very pretty place to get married.


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