Thursday, October 27, 2011

South Carolina trip plans and an amazing talent

I am making plans to go on a trip to South Carolina,  the Charleston/Summerville/Goose Creek area to be precise.
If there are any tatters in the area who might have a few free minutes sometime between the 18th and 27th of November, let me know.

the Fargo Forum newspaper had an article today above the fold on the front page about a local 10th grader who takes amazing photographs.  One of them hangs in the British Natural History Museum in London. 
he also has a blog where he posts some of this work.  Go take a look


  1. do contact the palmetto tatters. i believe some of their members live in that area.

  2. You're really getting around these days! I'm up here in Pennsylvania, but I'm sure you'll get to meet some tatters in South Carolina! Sounds like a good time of year to head South!

    Thanks for the link to Joseph's blog! What a mature and talented young man, and an excellent writer! It's amazing to read about his travels and how he finds all kinds of amazing animals in their natural habitat. He has a bright future in photography ahead of him!


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