Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hanky Edging Progress

I have been working on the Edging for the hanky I won in Michelle's giveaway earlier this year.

I chose to do Mary Konior's Beauty Spots Edging from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns.
I also chose a HDT from Krystle, one of Dr VonThreadmore's pretty threads called Wisteria Lane in size 40.

I have been working on this edging on and off since May
well, here is what I have been able to get done in between other projects.

as you can see, I am 1 repeat short of the 3rd corner. and I learned an interesting thing about this hanky,  it isn't square, it takes 13 repeats between corner elements on the left and right sides and 14 repeats on the top and bottom.  gave me a bit of a panic the first time I realized this, but decided that it wouldn't be that noticeable.

I have unfortunately run into a snag,
sorry for the shadows

the amount of thread that you can barely see on the shuttle is all that is left of a full skein of Krystle's thread.
I contacted Krystle, Dr VonThreadmore's associate to see if there was any of this thread still available, however, all of it is gone for the present.  There may be a new batch coming later this fall, so for now, this will go in the WIP section.

I cooked another 18qrt roaster full of apples again today.  the last batch made 16 pints of apple butter,  this roaster full should give us about 7 qrts of apple sauce.

The garden frosted 2 nights this past week.  only covered the tomatoes the 2nd night and the first wasn't supposed to get that cold.  I have been waiting for enough tomatoes to ripen to do some canning.  since they only got touched on the tops of the plants, I am hoping that they will recover enough to finish ripening the many tomatoes on the plants.  should be above freezing now for the next week or so, maybe I will get lucky.

I was able to can 26 pints of green beans, 7 qrts of dill pickles and did get 16 watermelon out of the garden, and will have to gather the squash tomorrow.  and the Carrots need digging.

hope you have all had a productive Saturday and will be having an enjoyable Sunday.

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