Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finished Arches Doily

Last weekend while I was demonstrating Tatting, I worked on my hanky edging, got almost another side done, but there were too many interruptions Saturday, so decided that I needed a project that didn't require quite so much attention to detail.

In packing to go to Rollag MN, which is about 1 hour & 15 min, I had chosen several WIP and a few new things since I didn't know what I was going to have time to do.

one of the new things I took was a doily pattern,  Arches Doily by Yarnplayer ~ Marilee Rockley.  The threads I chose were pearl cottons,  a HDT by Marilee called Summer Trail, in size 10 and a coordinating soft green by DMC in a size 8.  They were close enough in size, and pearl cottons being so soft, I didn't notice any appreciable difference in the sizes or in how things worked up.

The pattern states that worked in size 30 the doily is about 6" in dia.  my doily is 8.5" in dia, so the pearl cottons must be slightly larger then a size 30.

I started this on Sunday morning, and by the time we closed at 3:30 Monday afternoon, all I had left was 2/3 of the last round.  it took me the rest of this past week to get the last round finished.   This was a nice simple pattern, easy to lay down and pick up  and keep your place.  The repeats in the rounds were easy enough that despite the various interruptions that are inherent in demonstrating Tatting, it was easier to do then the hanky edging I was working on.

I think it turned out well.  Thanks Marilee for such a nice pattern.

thanks also to LadyShuttleMaker for the round grid so I could get it perfectly round when I was blocking it last night. If you go all the way down on the right hand side of her blog page, you will find her Free Pattern listing.  there you will find the round, square and oval blocking templates.  They are really great.

I thought I would share a couple more pictures from the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion, fo some odd reason, I never got a picture of me in my period clothing.

2 of the ladies who were demonstrating "women's"crafts, the lady in the green dress does caning and the lady in the lavender dress tats and does bobbin lace.
a Merry-Go-Round with a steam operated Calliope 

2 of the many styles of Steam operated tractors
have a great Tatting Sunday and !!Go Vikings!!


  1. Very nice tatting! The colors you chose go together beautifully! I use Sherry's blocking templates all the time, too.

  2. Your doily is beautiful, and I like the colors you've chosen.

  3. This is very pretty - the colours are unusual and really make the pattern shapes distinct.
    Fox : )

  4. I love your doily! I also love that pattern! It is wonderful to see others' version of "Arches". I did "Arches" also and did it in Lizbeth's #130 ISLAND BREEZE and #658 Ocean Turquoise Lt...... you can see it here ---->

  5. thank you ladies for your nice comments, hope you had a nice quiet tatting filled day.

  6. Wow! If I came home from a demo with this doily mostly finished, I'd be in shock! I can never concentrate on 'real' tatting at our Festivals. I usually demo with a large Tatsy shuttle and thick thread, so I just have large rings and chains that look - well - tattered! (LOL!)

    I've always admired Marilee's pattern, and you've certainly done a lovely job!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Festival!

  7. Kathy, I had 2 give away shuttles ~ 1 post, 1 bobbin wound with heavy size 10 bed spread cotton tied to a floss bobbin with a different color of the same size thread so I could show the tatting stitch easily doing a chain and then show the difference with a ring. I sent a couple sets home with new tatters and showed many more how to do a tatting stitch.

  8. I still love you, even if you ARE a Vikings fan;)

  9. Now I'm even MORE impressed!

    First, I'm delighted that you used the two-color chain for your demo! It's finally getting recognized as the best way to show how the knot is formed. (I was so happy to see Janette Baker's book/DVD emphasizing it, since the book is 'out there' on the shelves in some craft stores and I can recommend it to our visitors.)

    Next, you even gave away some shuttles(!), and I'm sure you inspired many visitors to learn to tat! And with all that activity, you still managed to work on that beautiful doily!


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