Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some whining

I have updated the graphics on my Daisy & Butterfly bookmark pattern (you can see a sample on Fox's blog) that I want to post to my Keep and Share account and then post the link here for all of you.  Keep and Share won't let me in. I tried the "forgot password" and even copied and pasted their answer and still can't get in.   I have emailed them, but it maybe next week before I can post it. 

Blogger seems to have decided not to show the number of posts I stated was acceptable for my home page - 7 lately it has only shown 1 or 2.

Time is too short.  it is now saturday,  I will be leaving wednesday on a trip to west Texas, and won't get back until monday eve/tuesday morning.  I am not at all ready, don't even know what I need to take.  a Dress for the wedding ~ obviously, a swimsuit for the hotsprings in Big Bend state park ~ that would be good,  Tatting stuff ~ of course, but what else???  need to fit it all in a carry on and hobo style shoulder bag.

I need more time to tat, I have projects I want to finish.  I am working on a commissioned  piece right now, it should be finished tonight. then I will post that.

I could whine more, but to what purpose, so to lighten the mood before you leave, here is a picture of an "oreo cookie" calf.  we get one occasionally.  last years calf, is out in the east pasture,  that one is a vanilla "oreo cookie" calf.  cute as a button.  This one I can see out my window as I am typing this. She is shy and doesn't usually stand so nice.

and while getting this off my camera card, I realized I hadn't shared some of the squash and watermelon that I grew this year, so here they are.

some of the 58 squash
There were 16 watermelon when I pulled the vines. Anyone for a picnic?

have a good


  1. The calf is adorable - I love calves.

    Your harvest looks pretty good - I'm ready for some squash :)

  2. That is such a cool calf! Striped!
    And your watermelons--I am so jealous you can grow them. We have gourds aplenty, but never luck with melons.


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