Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Tatting

I am posting some of the wedding tatting tonight.

First are the Initials that I have finished.

E for the bride,
J,J,M,R,R are for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids and the A is for a groomswoman. The initials will be mounted on the ribbon wrapped handles of the bouquets except for the A, it has yet to be determined if that will be used and how. I used the patterns from the book Tatting ABC's & 123's by Houstine Cooper and Handy Hands Inc. available from Handy Hands. I do not like to hide ends so modified the patterns to be tatted in 1 round, using SCMRs and floating rings. If anyone has questions about altering the patterns, please contact me.
The brighter thread is a size 30 antique Clark's O.N.T. from my grandmother Eulalia's stash, so it has sentimental value to my daughter, it was used for the initials for her and 2 of her sisters bouquets. The darker thread is Subtlety Silk Pearl #12. The colors are not acurate, they are deeper and much richer then the scan shows. there is too much orange in the scan and I am not bold enough to alter the colors using the photo editor. I have Irfanview which I really like. It is available for free.

(peeuw - one of the disadvantages of living in the country is skunks, don't know where this one is, but I can smell it)

The second picture is the tiny beaded flowers.

They will be used at the ends of the ribbons that wrap the bouquet handles, they will be left long enough to dangle. I have posted the pattern for the tiny beaded flowers on my pattern blog. The thread is Subtlety silk pearl #12 and the beads are Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads. Both Subtlety and the beads are available from Nordic Needle.

The third picture is of some experimentation of filler for the bouquets.

I am seeing my daughter this Saturday so will see what she likes best. My preference is for the first 2, they are daisy picot flowers based on Linda Davies' (toptattyhead) Queen Anne Lace flowers. The thread is another of grandma Eulalia's stash - Daisy size 30 ecru. The beads are whatever I have around.

Happy 4th of July everyone

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