Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Bird Update

This is a picture I took tonight of the bird nest. You can see 1 baby bird and 1 egg.

You may recall in the previous pictures there were 5 eggs, 3 were smaller and white with brown speckles and 2 were larger blue with brown speckles. Sharon said she thought that the larger eggs were cowbird eggs and since I had already suspected as much, it simply confirmed what I was thinking. I did some research and decided that the 2 larger eggs were cowbird eggs. Now I realize that God designed and nature developed birds and animals to fit into specific niches. And in order for cowbirds to follow the large migratory bison and cattle herds to help keep them free of insects, some bird needed to foster the babies as the parents wouldn't be able to get back to the nests to do so.
Unfortunately as a human, I can't leave things alone. Particularly as there are no migratory cattle herds here, all the cattle are in their fences and the parent cowbirds can very well raise their own babies,
If the cowbird babies would co-exist with the host bird babies, I wouldn't have a problem with the situation, but they hatch first, are larger and will deliberately kill the true baby birds. So, Monday, after the 2 eggs blue eggs and 1 white egg had hatched, I could tell that the 2 were much larger and crowding out the smaller baby. the other 2 small eggs weren't hatching either. I removed the 2 larger babies and hoped that the other 2 white eggs would hatch. Tonight there is only 1 white egg left and I doubt it will hatch. Mama bird spent too much time off the nest trying to feed the cowbird babies.
The baby bird in the photo is almost twice the size it was on Monday .

no promises, but maybe next post there will be tatting again.

Oh, I will be on the way to Omaha NE this weekend. I will be meeting my future son-in-law's family and since they will be creating the silk flower bouquets and also my daughters real flower bouquet for the wedding, it will be nice to get together to be sure we are on the same wave length concerning the filler flowers for the bouquets.

Omaha is a 6 hr drive from here and my daughter and her fiance will have to drive an additional 4 hours to get here to pick me up. They live in St Paul MN so there is no direct route to Omaha anyway, either way they go west then south or south then west it takes them about the same amount of time.


  1. Awww! Look at the little baby bird! It'll be interesting to see what happens with this little bird family! :)

  2. HI TattingChic,
    it has been an experience. I have enjoyed watching so far.
    Have a good weekend. by the way, I tat in what every clothing I happen to be in at the time, for comfort a snuggly blanket works in the winter

  3. HI! I am a sometimes tatter- and a bunch of other stuff- and found your blog today while looking for tatting blogs to link on my sidebar.

    Your blog is really terrific- I very much enjoyed reading back through many posts. I hope it is ok that I linked you- you have a blog worth sharing!

    I will definitely be back!

  4. Hi LadyDoc, Welcome, Thank you for your kind words. and Thank you for linking to me. I will be over to check you blog this evening.
    It is always great to meet another Tatter

  5. I'm with you on this one; HATE cowbirds (also grackles).

  6. Hi Shay, I just hope that I did the right thing.
    the one living baby is still growing, see today's post for an up to date picture.


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