Friday, July 31, 2009

Tatting Demonstrations

For the past several years I have demonstrated tatting at the Rutland ND Uff Da Days the first sunday of October. The link will take you to the website for the tiny town of Rutland, about 30 miles southwest of where I live.
This year I have a conflict. I am a First Responder with the Mantador ND Fire Department.
There is a 2 day training seminar for EMS personel that same weekend. I will miss being at Rutland, there is some oh so good food there. The compensation for spending a day tatting, talking about tatting and seeing friends is Rommegrot, fatigman, lefse, rosettes.... All the really fattening and yummy Norwegian cooking. If you don't know about Rommegrot - Norwegian cream pudding - I found a recipe. There are only 2 ingredients, cream and flour.

anyway..... what does this have to do with tatting demonstrations you ask?????????

I will not be able to demo tatting at Rutland, but I have already been asked to demo tatting at the 125 celebration in 2011 in the little village of Mantador ND which is just 3 miles as the crow files from me. There are less then 75 people in Mantador so they are starting to get things ready now, so they won't have to work so hard.

I go to church in Mantador and my job is there in the former elementary school.
gotta get to bed so will check in with all of you tomorrow.

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