Monday, July 27, 2009

25mtc, young turkeys and flowers

first in this post is the above collection of decorative paperclips.

#1 of my 3rd 25 Motif Challenge

the idea for these is based on patterns by Ellen Lai as posted on Georgia Seitz' online tatting class website

The pattern for the Heart Paperclips is her's and is posted on the website. The link will take you to the PDF of the pattern.

The left Butterfly is the Shuttle Brother's SCMR Butterfly and the the second Butterfly from left is based on that one.

The 2 Butterflies on the right are also based on the SCMR Butteflies, but are my pattern for a Ruffled SCMR Butterfly. The pattern is posted on my patterns blog. This is the first time I have done a chart so please forgive any crudeness.

Here is a picture of some of this year's young turkeys. There are actually 2 moms and their broods in this picture. the female turkey in the pic has her brood just in front of her, it is difficult to see but there is one chick just to her right behind some of the tall grass. The other 2 young turkeys in the pic belong to the female that is behind them, out of the picture. they are about 20' north of the house, a bit earlier they were right in front of the door to my house.

This is a picture of the wild black raspberries that grow out by the bins. I seem to have missed most of them this year. I think the turkeys got them. right in the center of the picture is one that I picked tonight - yum!!

this is just a small part of the old fashioned Daylilies that grow behind the house. I planted the patch 20 years ago and if we didn't mow them off they would be allllll over.

This Daylily is actually a very deep maroon. The flash from the camera brightened up the color a lot. These do not spread as much as the old fashioned orange ones.

This is a picture I found on a website of a hummingbird that was visiting the Hollyhocks outside my dining room window this morning. I was torn in two - go get the camera, stay and watch, go get the camera, stay and watch, in the end, the in decision allowed me to enjoy the pretty little bird, give thanks to God for his wonderous deads and smile all day every time I thought about the pretty little bird. I found this photo on this website

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