Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bouquets and baby birds

I survived the hurried trip to Omaha this weekend. While the wedding isn't until November, I wanted to show you how the tatted stars were used in the flower arrangements for the wedding. we used silk flowers and blue accents. The colors are very deep and rich, the photos don't do the colors justice except for the one of the bridesmaids bouquets. There are Hydrangeas, roses, and a bunch of others. We bought out all the deep red from 1 of the Hobby Lobby's in Omaha.

This first photo is of the Mother's corsages, you can see 3 tiny white tatting stars in each. I will be posting the pattern for the small white tatted stars to my pattern blog in the next couple of hours, if you click over and it isn't there yet, check back a bit later.

This second photo is of the Brides Bouquet. There are 11 tiny white tatted stars in it. It is not finished and maybe pulled apart and done over, it is good, but not perfect, since there are 4 mos left until the wedding, there is time to figure out what isn't just right.

This third photo is of the Bridesmaid's bouquets. On the handles you can see the tatted initials and the small red tatted flowers. The pattern for the small red flowers is available on my pattern blog. The Maid of Honor's bouquet is on the right, her small red flower has 6 petals instead of the 5 in the rest, mainly because I goofed and didn't count right, but it also sets hers off from the other gal who has the same initial.

There are small tatted white stars in the grooms boutonniere, but that picture is a bit fuzzy, I didn't realize that I was shaking when I took it.

This 4th photo is of the arrangements for behind the altar in the church. The colors should be as deep and rich as the photo of the bridesmaids above.

And last but not least is an up date on the baby bird. He has gotten much bigger. I have never had a really good look at mama, she is very fast off the nest and the leaves cover it up unless I lift them out of the way to take the baby's picture, but I did get a better glimpse at her yesterday. She is medium to dark grey on the top and creamy on the bottom. her head is darker and she has a white stripe across her eyes. Her beak is sharper and longer then an oriole, so I am thinking maybe a Vireo? but then since I know so little of birds, I can be oh so very wrong.

Time to get moving, I need to get the pattern for the tiny white flowers written up and posted.


  1. Amazing work! You have such talent! And the colour must be wonderful in "real life", as it is very pretty online.....

    The bird? I wouldn't know either, although I am a constant bird watcher. It is cool that you have watched the growth of the little one.
    I hope he/she continues to thrive....
    Fox : )

  2. Thanks Fox. I am glad that you stopped by.
    I will be intersted to finally see enough feathers to identify the bird.

  3. Those little tatted stars are so cute! They nicely accent the rest of the bouquets! It's always amazing to me how such simple tatting can look so pretty! I just love that about tatting! :)

    Look at those baby birds! I enjoy seeing your pictures of these little guys! It's amazing to see him grow! He looks like a little bird now instead of a...something else! LOL!

    I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in!

  4. Thanks TattingChic,
    when she talked about how deep the red flowers were going to be we knew that it needed something to give the bouquets a sparks.
    the tatted stars worked perfectly.
    check saturday's post for a little birdie update.

  5. Your bouquets are lovely, look forward to seeing more about the wedding.

  6. Thanks Tatskool.
    only 3 months left to wait


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