Thursday, July 23, 2009

blog challenge

Krystle from Krystledawne tats has issued a tatting space challenge for tatters to post pictures of their tatting space.

so I have accepted the challenge, I hope my mom doesn't see these, she will think she didn't teach me how to clean house. but tatting is so much more fun then picking up and putting away, that at the end of the day at work, I much prefer to sit and tat.
This first pic is of my recliner. right now it has a box of threads from my late mother in law. I was looking at them for a project that is at the moment on hold. my tatting books are in the bookshelf behind. they take up close to half a shelf. The light is not an Ottlight, but it works. It was my mother in law's lamp
When I am not sitting in my recliner, I am tatting on the couch. above you can see the project I am working on at the moment. and a box of beads from previous projects that I haven't found space for.
Here is the coffee table in front of the couch. My tatting is allllllll over the house.
Here is my thread stash. all 3 drawers have lots of threads in them. I have them sorted by size, 3,5,&12 perle, 10 and 20 are in the bottom drawer. the middle drawer holds 30&40 . The top drawer holds 50,70& 80 and other miscellaneous items. ?Quit a few of my threads are either from my grandmother Eulalia's stash or HDT from several of the venders on etsy or ebay.
please ignore the stacks of books along side. I read a lot too.
oh well, that is not all of my tatting stuff. I have a display board ( hmm I may post about that another time) and another drawer in a cupboard and stuff in a couple of carrying cases.
I envy Krystle's neat space and Sherry's very pretty room, but I am me and this is me.


  1. "I hope my mom doesn't see these"...LOL!

    I know my tatting room looks clean now..but that's because it has nothing in it yet. Just wait...I will have tatting, shuttles, books, and tatting supplies strewn all over the place.

    Besides your pictures are solid proof that you are a T.I.P. (Tatter in Process).

  2. I think I'll be like you if I had a lot lot of threads and other tatting stuff. Right now, I don't have much; and it's quite messy too :))

  3. That looks like a nice comfy chair to sit in! You have a lot of tatting goodies! :)

  4. Hah! my husband would laugh at you calling my space clean :-)

    I envy your drawers full of thread!

    Thanks for taking my little challenge!

  5. Thanks ladies for your kind words.
    I am a T.I.P. LOL
    I am always learning new things.

    some day I may get things all put away, then I won't know where they are LOL


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