Sunday, January 23, 2011

goodness gracious

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted any tatting.

I have been tatting, but didn't want to post some things before they had been received by the person I was giving it too.

So,  while I don't have pictures of all that I have done,  here is some of my tatting.

I test tatted Fox's Abigail motif,  she did a great job on the designing.  this is unblocked, and it lays very nicely.  she also did a very nice job on her written pattern.  there were only a couple minor spots where a join symbol was missing.  I believe that she has a diagram available for this now. 
I made these for a friend of mine with a birthday in December.  The threads were some I had laying around, so no labels.
unfortunately, I have lost my notes, so am not sure of the patterns,  the angel is one of Martha Ess'.

 Here is a project that I have been working on fort quite a while.  I started it late last summer.  This is the front of a reticule.  I is tatted in size 10 White Lizbeth with both pink and green blending filaments added.

Here is the back of this reticule.
I have the joining round and the beading round at the top. and I think I am going to use my Lucet to make the drawstring.    I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel with this,  it has taken me much longer then I thought it would.

The pattern is from Old Time Crochet magazine August 1992.

here is the definition of reticule from


[ret-i-kyool] Show IPA
a small purse or bag, originally of network but later of silk, rayon, etc.

This is Day 1 & 2 of Jane's TIAS.   If you don't know what  a TIAS is, it stands for .....
Jane releases only a small part of the pattern every day or so, and doesn't tell us what the final result will look like,  you are "tatting blind".
you can join at any time, and catch up as you go or just to see our progress go to the  TIAS blog

Here is day3

and Here is Day 4.  I have no guesses, I will have to wait and see what the next steps are.  I have participated before, and sometimes have been able to figure it out early on, but not yet this time.

Well, it is time to head for church, so will post this now.


  1. ...all your work is beautiful!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Nice job on ALL your projects!

    That's a lot of work you did on the 'reticule'! I'm impressed you did the two sides, without giving up!
    A LOT of tatting and a LOT of picots! It's going to be beautiful! I know you'll post the finished bag.

    My 'oldest' issue of Olde Time Crochet is 1994, so I don' t have that issue. I'm guessing it's a vintage pattern, with an unknown designer? It's interesting how a 'doily' takes on the 'reticule' shape with just two small triangle inserts at the top.

    I was so disappointed when the magazine stopped being published, I even got to meet Rebecca Hollenbaugh at a craft show in Nov. 2000, just as she was about to step down as Tatting Editor.
    I often wonder why the other crochet magazines ignore tatting!

    You must also knit! I have those same stitch markers as those on your TIAS. I'm just enjoying seeing Jane's pattern as it emerges from everyone's shuttles/needles. Can't imagine what it's supposed to be!

  3. That reticule is amazing. Your work is certainly lovely.

    I do like your pretty white rendition of Fox's "Abigail", now available on her blog... I should know!

    I had never heard the word reticule pronounced, nor have I ever spoken it, just seen it in print, till I checked it just now on-line - I have always thought it as re - ti - cul - ay, as it comes from the French. Trust me to learn it properly on a tatting site!
    Fox : ))nonscret

  4. Thanks Kathy, no, I don't knit, but I do crochet, and they come in handy for that too. since the magazine is no longer being published, and if I lived down the block from you, I would loan you the magazine, so if you would like, I have the pattern scanned into my computer, that way I could take the pattern with me and leave the whole magazine home. send me an email and I will send you the scans of the pattern pages.

    Fox, thanks for your very nice comments, I too had to listen to the online pronunciation to know just how to say it. I have read stories where the female character carried her reticule, so thought it was appropriate for this style of "purse"

  5. Lovely reticule - wouldn't it make a great tatting bag!
    I have a packet of those Clover stitch markers, and they're terribly expensive here - so I was thrilled to find them at a new knitting shop here in Brisbane - made by Hiya Hiya, look exactly the same and less than half the price! Last year I decided that I was going to knit lace, so I signed up for a course - needed dozens and dozens of the things.
    I never finished the shawl, it was intimidating. I will have to make the effort in 2011, or it's going to hang around my neck before it's even completed!

  6. thanks Maureen, yes, it would make a nice tatting bag, however, it is not for me. good luck with your shawl, sounds like it will be pretty when finished.

  7. Thanks so much for your kind offer to send me the pattern from Olde Time Crochet. My problem right now is that my e-mail isn't working 100% and I may have trouble opening the file. I'll let you know when that situation clears up! Considering how much you have going on in your life (including giving tatting lessons!), I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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