Monday, December 20, 2010

Thread Exchange presents

Oh, what a joy it was to get home tonight from work and discover such wonderful presents that came in the mail.

since I had not had a very great day at work,  there was a bad snow storm so they closed schools and we all rushed around trying to get out of work early and off the roads before dark, and I got stuck in a snow drift a mile from home.  it was really nice to find good things waiting for me.  I had to call "FarmGuy" to come get me unstuck from the snow drift partly because I hadn't put a good shovel in the car and partly because I was stuck enough to need help.  He got stuck again after getting the car out of the drift, so I didn't feel quite so bad, but I was cold and my jeans were frozen from the snow.

and here is what I found in the mail

From Lynn Demsky in Michigan, I received a very nice Tatting Christmas card with very pretty pastel variegated thread labeled Rubi Brilhante Cores Firmes 20. ( I did receive Lynn's thead about a week ago, but wanted to wait to post until all the threads came.)
From Roberta Lawson in Australia, I received  2 new threads I had never heard of  Cap putri Duying in Royale Purple and Cap Putri Duying Benang Sulam istmelia in Teal. She also sent a CD of Australia,  I have not yet had a chance to play it, so am looking forward to a few minutes of quiet time. 

Patsy Goodman in southern California, sent 2 threads as well,  Beyaz 1  Altin Basak size 50 in white/silver and Omega size 50 in Green that she bought in Mexico.  She also included a very nice 
letter and Linda Davies Christmas Tree earring pattern.

Sue Anna Scribner from Illinois surprised me with 2 of Marilee Rocklee's HDT  Parchment  Size 20 and Snowflake size 30 and both were wound on what I think are called EZ bobs.  I think I am going to have to take another look at these thread holders.  they look very handy.  She also sent a nice card with pictures of her tatted motifs and 2 snowflake patterns, Jon Yosoff's Double -Decker star and Flurry Snowflake by Jane Eborall

Jane Armstrong from North Carolina, sent a pretty variegated thread in pinks and blues and she included some beads that look just right with the thread.  she also sent a very pretty hand towel with a snowman on it holding a sign stating "Let it Snow",  can I blame her for the snow storm today? Tee Hee,    Jane wrote a note on the outside of the package stating that she had forgotten to include the card, so I don't know what type of thread she sent, so will have to wait to find out.
and last, but most definitely not least, from Lily Morales also out in California,  i received a big bunch of fun. 3 of the EZ Bobs, and they contained the following threads, a Christmas colors variegated Flora in size 50, and red and green Cebelia in size 10.  Along with these threads she sent a pretty Gold Christmas ornament, of the kind you can attach tatting on and a folding scissors with a very nice knotted fob that I am sure she made, as I have checked out her blog where she shows and talks about knots.
I have been doing some tatting, but haven't posted any, so will have to get at that sooner or later.

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  1. Fun mail to end a stressful snowy day! I hate getting stuck in the snow - lucky to be somewhat close to home when it happens though. It's such a helpless feeling, but all you can do is laugh. (Or cuss, in my case.) Glad you got home safe to relax and enjoy all that thread :)


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