Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kindle revisited

I have been asked a couple questions, so thought I would answer here.
one thing that I really like about this ebook, is that it is not hard on my eyes.  I spend 90% of every day at work looking at a computer and didn't want to do that all evening too.  The Kindle isn't back lit so you do need to have light in the room to read, but it isn't hard on my eyes.

I like the idea of having a lot of books handy so I can read what I want when I want without having to carry a lot of books around with me.

I am having fun looking for free books, and there are a lot, because I am reading books that I wouldn't ordinarily read if I had to pay for them.  Granted, that option would be available at a library, and I am not knocking libraries, but the closest one is 30+ miles away and I only get there once or twice a month if that. 

there are also a lot of books that are available for a small fee too. often cheaper then the paper ones.  

It is light, even with the cover/case so there are no heavy books to drop on your face if you fall asleep (been there, done that).

tatting for the cover is in the investigation phase so will have to wait to see what I come up with as there are lots of designs floating around in my brain.  I don't know if Jane's Brain Cell #3 will need to come for a visit or not, we will see. 


  1. Funny you talking about your kindle as I've got an Ipad which I bought in the summer. I'm just getting into reading books on it as the many, many apps were too interesting at first!!! Today I bought a cheap (£1.00) ghastly neoprene case for it. I bought a similar one a few months ago and cut and sewed it into a shoulder carrier - bit like a satchel. This time I'm going to cover the ghastly neoprene with nice fabric and make it into a smarter one. That's the only input so far from brain cell 3 but the one I made as a tryout works a treat. This new one will probably get tatting on it too!!!

  2. I must have missed the post where you showed your satchel.

  3. Oh, I didn't show it - it's so, so experimental!!!! When I make a 'proper' one I'll share but that won't be until the weather gets warmer and I can sew again!!!

  4. I've been wondering about the readers lately, and wanting to try one. I'm glad to hear they are not hard on the eyes after all day on the computer. I really like the idea of keeping patterns on it as well - I didn't realize they could hold pdfs, but it makes sense.

  5. Hi Happy Bluebird, from what I understand, the earlier versions of Kindle didn't handle pdf's but the newest generation ones do.

  6. I've had my Kindle a week and I love it. I opted for a leather outside and faux leather inside case to give it some protection. I need to add tatting but will try out some motifs. I look forward to seeing your decorated ereaders and your suggestions for reading.I have not tried pdfs yet.
    happy tatting Josie


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