Friday, January 28, 2011

Hmmm what to do,,,,, what to do

My wonderful children gave me a Kindle for Christmas.  Which is really cool, because it is the "New Generation" version and can handle PDF files as well as the .azw files. 

that means....  I can load tatting patterns on it.   Cool hunh!

I did buy a hard cover for it,  plain black, and of course what do you do with a plain black cover,  why cover it with tatting of course. 

so, I was looking at table mat patterns, or tatted ground patterns, or old edging patterns, and hadn't really made up my mind, but I just got back from visiting Fox's blog and she had tatted one of the patterns I was seriously looking at.  and in color which of course I would use.

I have some  wonderful HDT, that has been waiting for a project, so I am going to use some of that as well.  seems decadent to use that wonderful thread just for me, and to do some tatting just for me. 

so, if anyone has a favorite pattern, or thoughts on a tatted Kindle cover, please leave a comment.
thanks in advance.

I'm using farmguy's computer, and the scanner is hooked up to my computer, so no pictures of anything tonight.

I did get day 6 of my TIAS done this evening and have 1 and a half rows of the top rows for the drawstring to do on the reticule.  Then to use my Lacet to make the drawstrings.  and a lining, but things are starting to look like they will be done soon.


  1. I also have a Kindle, and I love it! My cover is blue leather with a built in book light... great for those long trips to and from Minnesota!

    I'd be tempted to tat a floral scene, using lots of HDT... imagine what a beautiful garden you would have!

  2. Ohhh - lucky you! My son-in-law has one of those and loves it. You will have to let us know how you enjoy the transition from paper to silicone. I'm still not sure....

    Thanks for the shout-out. Those old patterns certainly are lovely, aren't they? Perfect for your up and coming cover project!
    ♥Fox : )

  3. I find that when knitting and crocheting I have to have a book I can touch, feel and refer to. When I download patterns I have to print them all out to work on something because even though I have a lap top, it will fade out into mon-use mode and then I have to stop and tap to get the page back and that drives me bonkers. Guess I will be one of the die hards and for my needs stay with the lumber laden page types!

  4. I thought I had posted a comment here but i don't see that it went thru?

    in a nutshell i said i am old fashioned and when it comes to knitting or crochet i want a real book as i have found the laptop doesn't work well when knitting for me at least.

  5. Ah, Marybeth, I understand, the feel in the hand. but, it is much easier to carry a pdf in the kindle then a large book. so for traveling, it can be handy

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