Monday, January 24, 2011

pattern search

I have been commissioned to tat a large Christmas tree,  about 12" tall. for the director of a area assisted living home.  He showed me one that had been done by someone years ago, but done with ecru baby weight yarn and you could very easily see the cut and ties on every row.  The pattern for that tree was simple rings and chains in rows.  like this  which will likely end up being the pattern that I use, as it is easy to work either bottom up, or top down, and most likely I would work it top down, so I could expand the rows to get the height.

 he wants  to frame it for hanging on his wall.

I have been hunting tree patterns to get ideas and one of the trees I found was on Icela's blog  Does anyone know where I can find the pattern for this tree by Maus?

He also was wondering if I would teach classes to the residents. 
I haven't figured out what I would charge for classes yet.  when I taught before, I was paid by the college, and they paid me the going rate for an adjunct professor. 
I would have to do it outside of work hours, so likely on weekends as evenings would be too late, and it is 15 miles to the home.  I would like to make a bit, at least gas money and a bit for my time, but don't want to charge too much for people on fixed incomes. 
I would put together a kit for beginners,  so that would have to be figured into the price. 
do I sound mercenary?  any and all ideas would be appreciated.


  1. Maus gave me permission to put the pattern on my blog once upon a time. I'm looking for it....

  2. here you go!

    It's the Dec. 5, 2007 entry. Guess I should put that in my sidebar so I don't have to hunt again!

  3. Thank you Gina, I have saved the pattern, now to see just what Curt would like.


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