Monday, November 1, 2010

Jeff's ghost

Jeff Hamilton of Bridge City tatting has designed a ghost he calls Ripley. the pattern is available on his blog

here is my version of Ripley,

one arm ended up straight but that is o.k. and it looks like I scanned it from the backside. I usually tat frontside/backside, in which case if I scanned it from the wrong side, I also tatted it backwards, but it still looks pretty good.

the thread is Aida in size 10? I very seldom use this thread so thought I would try it. I have a ball of red Aida that I do not like, it twists really badly but this one isn't quite as bad.

Thanks Jeff for the ghost pattern


  1. Looks good! Can I assume there were no errors in the pattern?

  2. HI Jeff,
    not that I recall, It was easy and very fast, the only thing I can think of, I had to un-tat the whole second side of his tail, because I didn't realize that I had to have it curve the same way as the first. I don't know if that was a fault of mine not reading the pattern correctly, or if it might need to be noted. If I make it again, I might see about adding 2 beads for eyes.
    thanks for the pattern Jeff


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