Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pair of Christmas Trees

here is the first pair of Christmas tree earrings
Size 40 Lisbeth thread in Christmas green with red, silver and gold Delica beads and 1 gunmetal teardrop bead for a trunk.

still working on the 2nd pair

it is snowing and the wind has been blowing 40 - 50 mph all day today. I put the winter "we may be closed due to weather" message on the answering machine at work before I left today. a little early for my taste.

farmerguy did get the final 40 acres corn combined, in the rain yesterday so it was done before all this wind knocked the ears off. that at least is a relief.


  1. Those earrings are so sweet for the Christmas season! :)
    You can send the snow our way and I won't complain and I won't tell my husband where I ordered it from. :D
    Have a great day and stay warm! :)

  2. I love these earrings - I really need to learn more about adding beads.

    The snow we got didn't add up, but the wind was absolutely insane! Sounded like the siding and shingles were being ripped right off the house.

    Thanks for your visit - too bad you aren't a little closer to join our tatting group!

  3. thanks Ladies for stopping and for commenting.
    God's Kid, we didn't get as much snow as was forecast, it stayed to warm so we got more rain.
    Happy Bluebird, I too thought and sometimes still think that added beads are fiddly, but they do make a statement that just tatted thread can not.


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