Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lattice Tatting

a Quicky post,
on the Here-Be-Tatters yahoo email group, there has been a discussion of Lattice Tatting.

I am posting here 4 scans of Lattice style tatting from Julia E Sanders book Tatting Patterns.
Collar page 16

Detail of Collar pg 17

Doily pg 19

detail of doily pg 18

~~later~~ I got to thinking that while I didn't have the lattice snowflake anymore, there might be another project in my UFO stash. so here is a project that I was working on many a year ago, put aside for some reason and never finished.

Looks like I will have to finish it this winter after I have gotten Christmas items and other sewing projects finished.

There is no pattern for this, if I remember correctly, it was a way to practice mignonette stitch and I liked the look of the Lattice; just something I was working on at the time. I used very tiny joining picots to make the Lattice here, but I have done it with alligator joins. I will have to put a 4th round of some kind on this as I didn't join the outer rings to each other. hhhmmm wonder what I should use....


  1. Thanks for the information on Lattice Tatting...I have that book

  2. I have that book and adore that pattern. I keep looking at it but I'm too lazy a tatter to bother making it.

  3. Ah, lovely! I have recently bought this book, but have not tatted anything from it yet. Julia has designed some beautiful patterns in it.

  4. I guess I just thought of it as the ricrac stitch but I guess it does make a lattice when put together like this. I've always admired these patterns but haven't thought of a way to use them for myself yet.

  5. That's a very interesting technique. I'd never seen it before, but it seems very useful. It looks like a good thing to use when you need a couple of rounds of "filler" but want to use something other than plain chains.

    It's nice to see you blogging again.

  6. Hi Gina, nice to "see" you.

    thanks Miranda, I like the look of what I have done, so will have to get it finished.

    I just need to be very careful I don't get caught up reading so many blogs, I don't do anything else.


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