Friday, November 19, 2010

my new shuttles

I wanted to show you my newest shuttles. These hand made shuttles are by "I'm in the garage" who is married to Sally from Tat's Heaven

I was able to buy the one on the left, made from Walnut back in September and the one on the right last week made out of Iroko wood.

I had to look up what Iroko wood is on the internet, I had never heard of it. It is also know as African Teak.

The shuttles are smooth and easy to use. I like them very much.

I was able to find extra bobbins at Handy Hands to fit the walnut one, and since the Iroko one also has the purple bobbins, I am assuming the bobbins from Handy Hands will fit as well. I was hoping to find more purple bobbins, but had to settle for black.

I like them as much as (and maybe a bit more) then the Silent Tatter shuttles that you can buy from Roseground.

I am tatting, but nothing to show, many fits and starts as I figure out the right stitch count to use as an ornament drape for presents. too many life interruptions, if I didn't have to go to work, or do the housekeeping, or help dh with what he needs here on the farm.

have a good night, see you tomorrow.


  1. Pleased you like the shuttles. The bobbins were quite a problem to source in great quantity. In the end we got them from an English supplier but we assume they purchased them from abroad - I know not where - just pleased to be able to purchase them. The colour was a surprise and so wonder what colour the next batch will be!! Desperate when you can never sit down long enough to tat, the days fly past and you spend your life just doing mundane things instead of TATTING!

  2. Please tell "I'm in the garage" thanks for all his expertise. The workmanship is very good. They are so smooth and easy to use.


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