Friday, November 26, 2010

cross bookmark

I made this bookmark for my best friends birthday. I haven't had a chance to talk to her, so hope she liked it.

it is a pattern titled Colossians 2:14 by Rebecca aka tatmom03

if anyone knows how to get a hold of her, I would appreciate it. I was looking for her cross pattern online which is where I found it, so I could point another tatter to the pattern, but can't seem to find it so if anyone knows of the link, that would be great.

thread is lizbeth size 40 color gold. It is very nice to work with.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for .

we shared a meal with the neighbors yesterday and will have another with our children and grandchildren on sunday.


  1. Here is the link I used last August but it isn't working now:
    I think I originally found it in one of the online classes but can't remember which one - a earlier year.

  2. Good Morning Gina,
    yes, that is the link that I used too. but also found it wasn't working. I do not have an email for her, so can't contact her.

    thanks for your help.

  3. I used the Internet Archive ( to find her website. The email address that is on the site is tatmom at gmail dot com . Hope you can contact her. Very pretty cross by the way.


  4. Your tatting is beautiful.
    Fox : )

  5. Ladytats.. Thank you so much for helping me! Guess what! After your post on my blog with the name of the cross " Colossians 2:14 ", my brain woke up! About a month ago when I was searching for the rosaries.. I had come across that cross and down loaded it for future use.. but I forgot about that! Last night I went searching for it on my computer. It took me a bit for I did not remember that I did nor where I put it. I FOUND it!
    That is the cross that I had remembered as ornate!
    Thank You!!!!

  6. hi Karrieann, I am glad you have the pattern, it seems to have disappeared from the internet.
    it is a very nice cross and as you say ornate, but not difficult.

  7. Thanks Everyone,
    Thanks Jeff for your detective work.
    I will send a quick email to her.

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    I just found the email - I have to set up better filters for that address!
    I'm actually in the process of migrating and setting up the site again, but it should be online tomorrow.
    I love your rendition of the cross - it looks fantastic! :-)

  9. Hi Rebecca,
    thanks for stopping by.
    glad you like the cross. will be waiting for your website.


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