Monday, August 6, 2012

Impromptu thread give away

I have a ball of thread that needs a different home.
It is a pretty variegated colorway, a deep burgandy with lavendar and soft pink.

It is made by Omega and is a size 50.

I like the colorway, but not the thread, it is a softer thread, and I have trouble with it.  I can see others have not problems, but for me it is just frustration and I choose to let it go.

I was working on a bookmark this weekend.
the pattern is mine, and will be written up and posted later when it has been re-worked.
The thread on the bottom side is the one I wish to give away. I gave up,  it has been so long that I have had to give up on a project that I can't remember the last time.  I have always been able to salvage things, but not this time.  Maybe I am getting older and less patient.... I don't know. 

Anyway....  I will hold this open until the evening of the 10th.  Then enter all comments on both blogs  in a random number generator and choose the lucky person.

Please be sure that I can find your email address in your blog profile, or include it in your comment.  

Here are a couple more pictures.
The ball of Olive Lizabeth is new and included in the picture only to show the size of the ball of Omega

Shanny wanted to say "Hi" to all his fans.  (He is not one bit camera shy.)

I thought I had a green colorway in this thread too, but can't locate it, so if I do, there will be another give away for that ball.

I was gone this past weekend camping with my BFF.  We started Thursday eve and broke camp Sunday night. Barb and I used their camper for the outing except for Saturday night when farmguy and I used our new tent.  Our husbands came out for Saturday and Sunday suppers. We enjoyed the break in routine.  Some nice walks, some soaking up the sun, some sitting in the shade reading or tatting.  A lot of quiet was enjoyed by both of us.

Next week I will spend it babysitting grandkids.  I have a 3yr old grandson who has epilepsy.  He has an apt with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN.  I will be staying with his older siblings.  Prayers for good results would be much appreciated.


  1. Please don't include me in the giveaway, as I'm not a fan of Omega either.

    That bookmark design is really pretty, and I look forward to seeing the pattern. I really like that colorway, too; I hope you can find something similar in a better thread.

    Best wishes for your grandson.

  2. I will gladly add your grandson to my prayers!

  3. That's a beautiful color way. I'm so sorry to read that it doesn't work for you. I'm sure your time with your BFF was very relaxing. I should make time to meet with my BFF before school starts... thanks for the reminder!

    You have my prayers for your grandson. Epilepsy can be scary, but I've read that they've made wonderful advances. My best to you and your family.

  4. I do like that colourway. I've never used Omega thread, but, I too, prefer a crisp thread for tatting. If no one else wants it for tatting, I can always use it in my embroidery or CQing.
    Your bookmark pattern looks very smart!
    I've sent up a prayer for your little grandson.

  5. Will definitely add your grandson to my prayer list. I have never used Omega thread but I like that colorway & would love to give it a try so please include me in the drawing : ) That bookmark in progress looks very interesting & I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern : )

  6. Please include me for the Omega giveaway, as I have never used Omega before. All the best to your grandson

  7. I do hope that your dear grandson will be okay and that his treatment is successful. Best wishes to you and your family. Your tatting is very lovely; I like the bookmark pattern that you are developing. I invite you to take a look at my new tatting blog:

    1. Esoraleak, you are the winner of the ball of Omega Thread. I can find no way to contact you, please go to my profile, and click on "email me". thanks.

  8. Thank you to all of you for the good wishes and prayers.
    Good luck to all of you.
    Miranda, I will leave you out of the drawing.
    Esoraleak, I have you in my favorite blog list.

  9. That's a really nice colourway but I guess sending it to Germany will cost too much. So I absolutely don't know if I want to be included in the drawing...
    All my best wishes for your grandson. There are really good drugs against epilepsy nowadays! And sometimes it disappears all of it's own during puberty!

    1. Thank you Anke, he has whole brain epilepsy, it is not confined to either the right or the left. They are having difficulty fully controlling the seizures and he is on more then 2 meds. And yes, they have told is it can disappear, but having as many as 12 or more a day as he did before the meds it can be frustrating for him and his family.
      I did not specify in my post that I would only pay postage inside the USA so I will include you in the drawing.


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